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Samsung Announces NaBee Wireless USB Solution For Digital Cameras

By: Albert S Samsung announced the NaBee wireless USB solution for digital cameras. With this handy device you can wirelessly connect a camera to a PC by inserting a USB dongle on both ends. Hmm, could be useful, but it seems t...
A18 CAse

Agent 18 Eco Shield Review for iPhone 3G

By Jeff B Wanna be green trendy and techy at the same time? Made from recycled bottles, the Agent 18 Eco Shield for the iPhone 3G will do just that. Living in Portland, Oregon you have to be both to be anybody so I willingly ob...

Sony Makes the Vaio TT Series Notebook Official

The specs for the Vaio TT were leaked yesterday and today Sony has confirmed the world's lightest Blu-ray 11-inch Notebook.  The TT line will be available sometime this fall. Hit yesterday's post to get the breakdown. Official ...


BoomCooler Must Be A Joke

I have a hard time believing that the components installed on this standard cooler, otherwise known as the Boomcooler, is worth the price tag, $899.  The site's spec list also suggests that you don't use the installed CD player...
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T-Mobile Officially Announces Google HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1)

As we wrote, T-Mobile got all official today regarding the HTC Dream, which is now called the T-Mobile G1.  It runs Google's Android OS, features a slide out QWERTY keyboard, touschscreen, WiFi, 3MP camera, push Gmail support, ...

SanDisk Pushes Out Faster Extreme IV Compact Flash Cards

In an attempt to keep up with Pretec's 50Mbps CF cards, SanDisk announced the updated Extreme IV Compact Flash cards today, which received a 12.5% speed boost to 45Mbps.  Additionally, they added a 16GB Extreme IV model to thei...

Cell Phones

Motorola PEBL With Hidden External Screen

Reserved for the Korean market only, Motorola launched a new PEBL phone today. What's cool about it? The external screen is hidden until activated and features touchscreen control. Other features include a 2MP camera, 7.2Mbps H...

Ultra High End iPod Dock: Art.Suono

Details are very scarce, but the Art.Suono is an iPod dock that purportedly transmits music wirelessly to a selected source. The device comes from the same folks that built the limited edition Ferrari speakers, David Wiener Ven...

Sprint’s XOHM WiMax Is Already Live Regardless of Official Launch Date

According to a source via Gearlog, the Sprint Wimax network is already up and running.  Commercially, it's not yet available, but Sprint and their partners have set Ocotober 8th as the official launch date.  Expect pricing and ...


Pretec Unveils Super Fast, And Large, Compact Flash Cards: 233X and 333X

Shattering the previous record of 50GBs, Pretec released details about their 64GB and 100GB 233X Compact flash cards today.  Read and write speeds are up to 35Mbps, overtaking Sandisk's recently released Extreme III 32GB cards....

Audi Travolution Project Predicts Red Traffic Lights

By: Albert S The Travolution system, co-developed by Audi and traffic management experts, informs the driver of the time remaining until a red light turns green. It then calculates and displays the speed the car must maintain i...

Gadgets At A Glance: miniMove Boombox for iPod

What is it: An iPod boombox shaped like a women's purse (pink, silver, teal and black colors available) Features: iPod dock for charging and playing, FM radio, clip on remote, 4xAA batteries or AC plug, backlit LCD and Aux plug...