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Nixie Tube Clock Sure Is Wacky Looking

You can add this clock to the one room in your house dedicated to weird and funky collectibles from around the globe since it's hailing from Bulgaria. Using 6 Nixie Tubes (never heard of them) the almost 'store your grandparent...

Motorola Finally Goes All Convergent With LCD Photo Frame With Femtocell

[GR]atruI8jaSsc[/GR] The above video from Motorola is a tad convoluted, but in short, Motorola has built a touchscreen device that is designed to appear as an LCD photo frame, but is in fact 'oh so much more'.  Not only does it...
Cell Phones

iPhone 2.2 Firmware For Developers Distributed

It's nothing new to anyone that owns a 3G or Edge iPhone: there's still bugs. Well, good news, because Apple has already distributed the 2.2 firmware to developers. Should mean an update next month. What are my Top 3 iPhone iss...


Panasonic Drops New ToughBooks: F8, W8 and T8

Got 12-inches?  No problem, because Panasonic's latest Toughbooks can survive a dinger of that height. That is of course you're so butterfingers you lose grip of the built-in pop out handle.  The three new models, F8, W8 and T8...
eee pc 901

Asus Eee PC 901 To Feature Built-in 3G, Coming In October

By: Albert S Asus announced built-in 3G (3.75G HSUPA connectivity) for their Eee PC 901 models, starting in October 2008. Smart move by Asus as these ultra portable, "all day battery" netbooks are perfectly suited for 3G-go-to-...

Dell Precision M6400 Details and Specs Emerge

By: A. Smith Dell plans to ship the new Mobil Workstation, called the M6400, on Oct. 22nd. This power house of a laptop starts at $2,299 and includes the Intel Q43 Express chipset with different Core 2 Duo processors configurat...

dell studio slim

Dell Studio Desktop, Studio Slim Available Now

By: Albert S Dell announced the availability of the Dell Studio and Studio Slim desktops. With their stylin', sexy finish and small form factor, these PCs practically scream, "Ooh, ooh put me in your entertainment center, next ...

Lenovo Announces New X200S, X200T Thinkpads

By: Albert S Lenovo announced their newest Thinkpads, the X200S and X200T. These new models, the lightest of the bunch due to a carbon and glass fiber roll cage, have an optional 128GB SSD and backlit LED displays with built-in...

Gadgets At A Glance: Leica S2 Camera

What is it: A compact DSLR like camera with an almost 35mm portability, but medium format resolution - 37.5 megapixels to be exact. Features: 37.5 megapixel sensor, 3-inch color OLED display, MAESTRO processor, dual shutter sys...


New Macbook Model Placeholders Leaked…Maybe

According to AppleInsider, FutureShop's (BestBuy's Canada brand) inventory system has 6 new placeholders that imply that the new Macs are just around the corner as previously rumored. Unfortunately, they're just placeholders, b...
motorola usbw 100 wimax dongle

Motorola Unveils USBw 100, World’s First WiMax USB Adapter

Staying ahead of the curve, unlike their cell phone operations, Motorola unveiled the World's first WiMax USB adapter for laptops.  The USBw 100 is available in three versions: 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz enabling worldwide compa...

OpenPeak Makes OpenFrame IP Media Phone Official

The touchscreen phone game is heating up.  AT&T just announced the availability of their AT&T Home Manager system, and now OpenPeak has made their OpenFrame IP Media Phone official by selecting Intel's Atom processor as...
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