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The ROG CG6190: Asus’ Intel Core i7 Gaming Rig

And so that battle of the ballsiest gaming rig has begun. Today Asus unveiled its ROG CG6190, an Intel Core i7 powered beast.  Performance is enhanced by an X58 chipset, up to 12GB of DDR3 RAM, and multiple discrete graphics fl...

Vizio Launches A New TV: The VF550XVT1A 55-inch LCD

Vizio’s newest 55-inch VF550XVT1A LCD TV will probably make many consumers want to go out and buy a new television now. It has many fine qualities, such as the Smooth Motion Video 120Hz refresh rate feature and an incorporated ...
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Verizon Officially Unleashes The BlackBerry Storm, Costs $500 With No Contract

After endless rumors, spy videos and leaked documents, the Verizon Blackberry Storm is finally here. As expected you'll have to drop $200 after a 2-year signing and $50 mail-in-rebate. If you wanna go 1 year the Storm will cost...

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iPhone 2.2 Firmware Update Goes Live

As rumored, the lastest iPhone firmware update hit today, 2.2. So what's included in this update? The major upgrades are Google street view, share location via email, public transit info, walking directions and podcast download...
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Gadget Porn: AT&T LG Incite Unboxing

We received an LG Incite from AT&T yesterday and here's the unboxing. I gotta be honest, though. Based on my first impression I'm really disappointed with the handset. I only played with it for a few minutes until I handed ...

Gadget Review: Garmin Nuvi 265T GPS

Over the years, technology has increased the pace of society by allowing us to do more in less time. Want to buy a book? Click, download, and there you have it, instant e-book. How about a pizza with your choice of special topp...

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Verizon Wireless: President-Elect Barack Obama’s Cell Phone Hacked

Verizon ain't messing around.  To maintain their squeaky clean image, they just released a press release admitting that certain Verizon employees hacked into President-elect Barrack Obama's cell phone.  Course, the handset in q...

Apple Submits Patent For New iPhone Backlight

Are you one of those iPhone users that is consantly checking their iPhone for text messages? Weak battery life bringing you down? This week Apple published a 24-page document discussing the details of a new dual backlight syste...

Dell Dressses Up Mini 9 And 12 Laptops With Tristan Eaton’s Artist Touch

Microsoft got on board with the whole 'artist' thing, and although I have no evidence of it proving positive I most certainly fine the always second to the iPod device (i.e. Zune) far more attractive as a result.  Today, Dell i...


Epson Unveils The Endeavor Na01 Netbook

Epson is clearly suffering from a major case of amnesia, because today they introduced the world to the Epson Endeavor Na01 Netbook. Or perhaps they just feel a bit left off from all the Netbook fan fare. In any case, the print...

Wii Boxing Goes Official With Everlast Boxing Gloves

Perhaps you have a tendency to punch walls and other immovable objects while playing Nintendo Wii Boxing. If so, and thank God Everlast got the message, they've produced a pair of boxing gloves complete with pads, finger openin...
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Nokia Unleashes The Bruce Lee Nokia N96 Cell Phone (video)

I soooo want one!  Don't get too excited (like me), though, because Nokia is only releasing the Bruce Lee edition Nokia N96 in Hong Kong.  To make matters worse it will cost 8,788 Chinese yuan (about $1,286).  At least it comes...