Artistry and ergonomics are two great tastes that have seemingly made their way into an exciting new Kickstarter campaign. The gStick is a Sharpie marker-sized stylus-y thing that operates like a wireless USB mouse input device. It works on a mouse pad just like your garden variety input device. It also features a scroll wheel, works with Windows and Mac operating systems, fits in your pocket and runs for 3-5 months on a single AAA battery.

The gStick is susceptible to friction. How much will probably be dictated by your mouse pad. The makers note vinyl/rubber or leather may produce the most friction. It glides over a traditional mouse pad using the ceramic ball found at the tip or writing end. The outside of the original gStick prototype was made from a 10-foot stick of ABS plastic pipe stuffed with the necessary tech to get working prototype out the door.

The gStick is clearly a sought after invention. Gordon, the mad genius behind the project rallied the $40,000 kickstart goal within the first 24 hours of funding. Now the project sits poised to top $98,000. With that extra loot the company is just improving on an already-stellar design. Production models will sport a removable tip so that ceramic ball can be cleaned and precision on mouse-friendly surfaces is maintained.

Even Gamers May Benefit

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