How To Install Windows 8 on your MacBook Pro (how to)

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Windows 8
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7 Comments to How To Install Windows 8 on your MacBook Pro (how to)

  1. Hi this is Ragavan from India. I would like to install Windows 8.1 in my Mac. I don’t know whether this version is compatible with my mac. I am currently using Macbook pro MD101N/A mid2012 launched device with Yosemite OS. So, should I need to install Windows 8.1 directly or I should setup windows 7 followed by windows 8.1

  2. I’ve installed Windows 8 using Bootcamp however, I can’t seem to download Adobe Reader while I’m in Windows 8 and I can’t open PDFs. When I initiate the download of Adobe Reader, it takes me to step 2 of 3 ‘initializing’ but never opens a window to run the install and never goes to step 3. Is it a Windows 8 issue? My guess is that even if I download the Mac version while in Mac OS, it will not function in Windows 8. Correct?
    Thanks so much for any assistance you can provide.

  3. Can I install Windows 8 on the new MacBook Pro and only Windows 8? I do not need Mountain Lion or whichever the Mac OS is. I would think it would be “cleaner” to just have the one OS on the machine, that being Windows 8, is that true? I would also want the additional space on the hard drive from only having one OS.

    • Jordan Goodson

      Only if your system meets the minimum requirements and you aren’t trying to upgrade and want a fresh, clean install.

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