Need something to spruce up your desktop? Are you an Iron Man fan? If so, you may be pleasantly surprised to find e-blue’s officially licensed wireless Iron Man mouse.

From its Tony Stark’s “gold-titanium alloy” to its “hot-rod red” paint job, the mouse is a perfect rendition of the original Iron Man suit’s helmet.

Sure, ergonomics weren’t really considered paramount in this design, but it’s a small price to pay for this collector’s desktop accessory. Did I mention its eyes illuminate red?

The Iron Man mouse is powered by two AAA batteries and boasts a 1000 dpi sensor.

Unfortunately, this bullet-proof mouse isn’t available in the States just yet, but it can be purchased online for $133.

If you haven’t already, check out the Iron Man 3 trailer to whet your palette. It might just inspire you to pick up a sleek new mouse…


Chase Williams

Chase Williams is a serial entrepreneur, professional procrastinator, dreamer, explorer and risk taker. He's been weightless aboard a NASA C9-B aircraft and his head hasn't quite come back down from the upper-atmosphere. To keep up with his low-oxygen chatter, follow him on Twitter @ChaseHWill