Sony announces the Xperia  Z, a new 10.1 inch Android powered  tablet with a slimmer waistline than the new iPad. Sony, the company formerly known as “Amazing” is making some changes. It’s a good thing too. I won’t say the mighty have fallen… But surely it’s tripped and stumbled on its road to the modern-day. Yes Sony TVs, various media devices other tech still fetch a pretty penny if looking at MSRP. The reviews of said products paint a picture that is far from cutting edge. Without a strong leg in the audio device market, Sony’s bread and butter from an age-long past, the company is reduced to being labeled “that other gaming company.”

That’s all being turned on its ear. It’s carpe diem folks. Sony is casting a wide net to seize the day with its Windows 8 Tap 20 from last year. Now we have a new tablet zeroing right in on the iPad market. It’s thinner and lighter than the new iPad while still maintaining a 10.1 inch display and is reportedly waterproof to boot. The pad for Apple takes the resolution crown where the Retina display dances on the Xperia Z and its 1920 x 1200 HD resolution. There is a quad-core 1.5Ghz processor under the hood and 8-megapixel camera. The phone will slurp net connectivity  with 4G LTE speeds.

xperia charging z Juice Up Your Xperia Z From The Xperia Tablet Z

We don’t know when or how much or even where. Obviously it is hitting Japan. We do know, interestingly enough, a custom micro USB cord will allow the Xperia z Tablet to use the Xperia Z Smartphone as a mobile batter charger. That’s handy!

Shawn Sanders

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