Chameleon X-1 from Shogun Bros is an interesting gadget. Not content with simply being a wireless mouse with seven buttons and a red finish that would make Ferrari blush, it’s also the first (to my knowledge) transformer mouse, able to go from desktop accessory to handheld gaming controller to wireless remote control presenter, and in the process revolutionizing what we all thought was a humble and boring device that had seen the end of its evolutionary road.

Sure, it probably won’t be beating dedicated console controllers in the playability and ergonomics categories, but then again – why not. Just because we’re not used to holding a certain shape in our hands doesn’t mean it’s bound to fail.

On the underside of the mouse are fourteen gaming buttons, and a five-way 1,600 dpi laser sensor that communicates with its host computer using 2.4GHz frequency. That’s also how it does its jobs as a remote control presenter – multitude of buttons and good wireless communication.

The first quarter of 2011 will see the Chameleon X-1 up for sale, with a reasonable price tag of $55.