The RollerMouse Pro2 from Contour Design takes their former device and updates it for some more comfort and usability, with keyboard lifters that have three different height settings for reduced arm strain, leather wrist supports, buttons for easier copy/paste and other common keyboard tasks, and of course, this gadget’s selling point – a black rollerbar that replaces the common mouse.

Not having to reach for a mouse keeps your hands in place while you’re typing, and once you get used to it, should improve your working speed. Reaching for the hand is asymmetrical it seems, and can cause tightness in the neck, back, shoulders and elbows, while the rollerbar keeps your elbows close to the body. It also doesn’t require you to flex and grip with the fingers, which can lead Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

There’s left and right click buttons, or you can press the rollerbar and get a ‘click effect’, and you can assign one of the user defined buttons to act as a one touch double click.

The RollerMouse Pro2 costs $200, and it will be interesting to see what kind of psychological effects scrolling with two hands on a 2D surface has.