Monthly Archives: February 2009


Tramontana R: 0-200MPH in 10.15 seconds


What goes blazing fast and looks like a Batmobile f*cked an F1 car?  The Tramontana R.  Under the hood is a  Mercedes V12 that produces over 550HP, or 760HP if you toss in dual turbo chargers.  0-60 is 3.6 seconds and it can hit 200mph in just 10.15 seconds.  If...


Buffalo Intros SSD Drive With Mini USB Port


That little bit of extra versatility can sometimes make or break a product’s PR.  And Buffalo’s most recent SSD drive ‘makes it’ thanks to a built-in mini-USB port.  That’s right. If you don’t have the drive jammed inside of a machine, or a compatible machine for that matter, you can...


Verizon LG Versa Release Date & Price Announced


And there we have it.  The LG Versa will hit Verizon’s retail stores and website on March 1st.  The price of the phone, after a 2-year contract and $50 mail-in-rebate will be $200.  Included in the package will be a removable QWERTY keyboard, 3-inch touchscreen, GPS, 2MP camera and an...


CirculaFloor: A Moving Floor For Virtual Reality (video)


Conceptually the CirculaFloor makes complete sense.  Step forward or sideways and the robotic tiles continuously moves in and out of position to simulate forward movement.  In reality, the user actually remains in position.  Although a perfect resolve to virtual reality and their endless environments, the CirculaFloor currently doesn’t obtain the...


Sony’s PSN Has More Users Than Xbox Live?


That right there caught my eye. Is that true? According to Sony this week, their FREE PSN network has over 20 million subscribers to Xbox Live's 17 million. Beyond the obvious i that PSN is free, you can also use it from a PSP and PSN is...

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