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Super Tiny Keyboard

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Tight on desk space?  Or perhaps you have really small hands? Here you go.  Brando’s ‘Super Tiny Keyboard’.  It’s got 56 keys and connects via USB port.  Measures 170 x 73 x 15mm and weighs 56 grams. Ya, that’s an iPhone for size comparison. Available here for $25 [Ohgizmo]...


Asus Rolls Out Another Phone: P565


The long time computer maker is making a full on blitz into the cell phone arena. Two weeks ago we saw the P552 and now the beefer, but rumored P565.  It’s sporting an 800Mhz Marvell Tavor processor, VGA screen and video conferencing camera, 3 megapixels for stills, SIRF STAR III...

Verizon Makes Month-To-Month Official


Verizon made the rumor of the ‘month-to-month contract‘ official today.  Before you sign up, though, you’ll need to fulfill your previous contract before moving over, or incur an early termination fee. As previously stated, you’ll sacrifice phone subsidization (aka you’ll pay full retail price) and probably a higher activation fee...


Sony Vaio TT Laptop Specs


Sony’s latest laptop, the Vaio VGN-TT190EI, is looking to be packing a serious hardware punch in a tiny and light weight package. We’re talking 2.87lbs and a 10.23 square inch footprint. Specs? 1.2-1.4GHz Intel Core2 Duo SU9300 (top of the line Carbon Fiber black model has a 9400) 82-key QWERTY...


What is AT&T’s Home Manager?


Scratching your head about AT&T’s Home Manager thingee?  In short, it’s a Samsung touchscreen device, that gives you the basics: recipes, weather, scores, movie times and reviews, news, email, and voicemail.  AT&T’s demo video is branding it ideal for the kitchen, which is one room PC makers haven’t heavily pushed. ...


Bentley Jewelry and Watch Safes


Exclusivity is synonymous with the Bentley brand and hence why they’ve only built 200 of each of these safes. Funny enough, the specs read like a car: alarm, GPS, 10 interior leather hides, Bentley exterior colors and 3 wood veneer wood panels to choose from. The Continental safe is designed...


Pentax Intros New DSLR K2000


By: Daniel O Pentax have pulled the veil off their latest camera today, the K2000 DSLR. It contains all the professional features we expect from an SLR: Pentax K2000 body, the Pentax DA L 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL lens and the Pentax AF200FG Auto Flash.  But this camera has been designed...

intel atom 330 dual core

Intel’s Dual-Core Atom 330 Is Shipping


By: Albert S It’s official, Intel is shipping out the dual-core Atom 330. Designed for nettops, this new processor should add some pep to your applications. Specs include a 1.6GHz processing core, 1MB of level 2 cache, 8W TDP, and DDR2 667 support. Read the official announcement after the ‘leap’...


Chinavision Projector Phone Already for Sale


With the announcements of the Toshiba Pico Projector and the 3M MPro110, the cell phone projector market is heating up. Neither of the aforementioned are out yet, but the Chinavision Tri-Band GSM/GPRS touch screen Cell Phone is. It’s not as pretty as the Pico and MPro110, but it gets the...


Sandisk Unveils SlotMusic With Preloaded Music


Today Sandisk announced their new Micro SD card, the SlotMusic. Each card will have a minimum capacity of 1GB and will play back music at up to 320 kilobytes per second. Every card will be preloaded with DRM free content from artists around the globe. The current publishers involved are...


UCSD’s StarCAVE 3-D Virtual Reality Environment


The UCSD StarCAVE is a 3-D virtual reality environment that attempts to simulate virtual worlds. Basically, it’s a pentagon-shaped room with 15 rear projected walls, 2 floor screens, and stereo sound, capable of recreating an ultra-sharp, totally immersive environment. It’s for scientific purposes but my first thought was, “the holy...