Win A Pair Of AirCable Bluetooth HiFi Headphones

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22 Comments to Win A Pair Of AirCable Bluetooth HiFi Headphones

  1. Peggy Spruill

    I was laid off from my job in July due to company cut backs. I like alot of people am unemployed. I look for jobs about 12 hours per day. I was told to help with the stress I should workout. I can not afford to buy a Ipod but would love to be able to listen to music while I walk and workout. I would love to have these headphones so I can workout and listen to music. Thank you so much.

  2. I am in a wheelchair, the reason i mentioned this is because if i had any brains, i would know how to listen to music from my laptop, ipod on my Yamaha reciever and speakers. i just can’t figure it out. i have an Acer Aspire 5670, with bluetooth capabilities, an ipod classic and cheap earbuds. i wish i could just sit here on the couch and use the Samsung Lcd 32” tv, which is conected to the reciever to the speakers and listen to music the way it was intended. please, you all are very computer, music smart, can someone tell me how to do it? these headphones sound like a dream.

  3. I am a single Momma that needs surgery and this would so help to answer when my child calls! Thank you.

  4. I have to have these, as I lose my sanity I plan to record a message that will remind me who I am. I will leave these on my head at all times, and allow the reminder to play over and over.

    me (whoever that is)

  5. Man do I need these Bluetooth HiFi Headphones! My current headphones are garbage they are Missing the foam ear pieces and they are wrapped with duct tape. I am ugly enough I don’t need these hideous looking things on my head to make me look even worse then I already do! Please Please give pity to a poor ugly soul and give them to me. I NEED THEM BAD!

  6. William S Queen

    great to listen while working outside, great to help you shut out the kids while reading, and just great to know you are listening on free headphones

  7. Ha! I deserve the headphones because I’m their inventor and I’m not making a dime on ’em! It’d be nice to at least HAVE a pair of the bloomin’ things.

  8. I just returned to college… not for more cash but for a love of art. Not 2 months after moving to a new city, apartment, etc., some thief broke in and stole my dell i8600 laptop, my yamaha receiver, polk surrounds, dvd player, vcr and 2 wireless mice. Since all I now have to listen on are my tinny sounding desktop speakers, these headphones would be great to put on and jam around the house.

  9. I could really use these awsome headphones. We recently had to move across the country and into a very small apartment. We both love music very much and with our neighbors are no longer able to listen to it without headphones. We have one pair that the cord is so short we have to sit right next to our PC. This would be great to finally listen to music without our head 1 foot away from our computer. Can’t afford anything else.

  10. I like to work on my truck while listening to music, and there turns out there is a lot wrong with it, and one thing is that the radio is gone in it, so in the meantime having a bluetooth headset connected to my computer would be great, I work on the thing right outside my window, so it’d be perfect range.

  11. Let’s see if these headphones work with a Mac if so then I can really review them for you from another perspective. And since I can’t pair my Motorola HS850 headset as a listening device. This just might work. Plus you will be giving someone something nice who almost died when a Semi totaled his car and almost killed him within litterally inches of his life!

  12. I’ve never had blue teeth. I think I deserve them. Additionally, I’ve been holding the phone to my ass trying to get it to work to no avail. I think these “head” phones, as you call them, would be slightly more practical, although perhaps not as satisfying.

  13. This headphone looks very cool. A bluetooth headphone is very very fancy! And it can switch to cell phone; it’s really a nice design. Another feature is that this headphone works with playstations as well.

  14. I am a mom of a new born infant. While sadly my husband is working somewhere far away from us, we can only met him over the phone or on the internet. It always happens that in the middle of a talk with him, my baby began to cry and I had to rush to it. Now neither our wireless phone nor the old headphone could keep me connected with my husband well, as there is no way I can comfortably walk anywhere I want with my both hands free to take care of my baby. But hey it seems only this cute bluetooth headphone can help!

  15. Hmm… why do I deserve these headphones? I cannot afford a laptop nor a an ipod, but I have been able to get a pocket pc phone, to serve as my portable computer, mp3 player and phone. The only thing missing right now are the bluetooth headphones, that will enable me to get the full utitlty of my device. I was about to just charge one, and figure out how to pay it later, but if I can win one I would be absolutely ecstatic.

  16. I would use the headphones to listen to music while in office and at home without disturbing others around me … I could be away from my desk/computer/music system and still be listening to music … maybe even while in the restroom!

    Would be happy to receive these cool headphones and promise to return the favor by writing lots of reviews on

  17. i always get the wires tangled with on my headphones. It is really a pain to untangle them. I would love to listen to music without wire interference. Bluetooth rocks!

  18. Music is my love… During the busy working days, I always try to find some breaks to enjoy some music. A bluetooth headphone is desirable because I can enjoy music while working and whenever someone (especially Boss) passed by, I can easily take it off and hide it, without being found…

  19. Lost my headphones that came with my D600. So this would go great with my D600. Also the headphones I use with my Desktop has super long wires that I always trip over and fall flat face on the floor. =( the joy of bluetooh (^^)b

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