Monthly Archives: February 2006

World’s Slimmest DMB Phone: Samsung SCH-B340


Incorporating the same design at the Samsung T809, the SCH-B340 – apparently the World’s Slimmest DMB phone – will literally let you change menus and interact with games by shaking or moving the phone. Aptly dubbed ‘motion recognition function’ users will be able to beat a drum or pet a...

Holy Bible PDA


Here at Gadgetreview we aren’t of the religious hailing type, but every once and a while a product comes along that merges the really old school with the new that we just can’t help ourselves. The Pocket Sized Touch Screen Electronic Bible KJV includes the complete old and New Testaments...

Banned WiFi on Campus


When I was growing up it was always “don’t sit too close to the TV, its bad for you!? Now its “don’t sit too close to the WiFi, you’ll mess up your growing tissue?? The President Fred Gilbert of Lakehead University, citing health concerns for developing minds, has banned WiFi...

AirCable HiFi Headphones Winner Announced!


Thank you for all your submissions! We would like to announce the winner of the Gadget Review AirCable Bluetooth HiFi Headphones Contest! After going through many creative (and some not-so-creative) stories, we have picked our winner. Congratulations to Keefer Milton. And now for the winning reason on why Keefer needed...

Windows DRM cause of Nokia N91 Delay


Nokia has confirmed the reason behind the Nokia N91’s delay. According to Nokia, the N91, which was due out last Christmas, was delayed primarily because of trying to add Windows DRM. This, of course, is referring to the N91 delay in September. Nokia is still trying to get its N91...

Cell Phone Gun


Just when you thought airplanes were safe again, some jackass goes ahead and invents a .22 caliber pistol inside a cell phone. The cell phone gun looks like a basic monochrome phone at first glance. Some size and shape. However, housed on the inside of the cell phone gun is...

Pink Commuter Tie for iPod nano


Designer Thomas Pink is all about the iPods in his designs. First Pink introduced the Pink Commuter Shirt for iPods. Now Pink has released the Pink Commuter Tie for iPod nanos. The Pink Commuter Tie houses a compartment behind th tie for holding your iPod nano. Additionally there’s an extra...

Rubik’s Cube for the Blind


If it wasn’t hard enough solving that damn Rubik’s cube, try blind folding yourself and going purely on touch. The Touch Rubiks Cube’s sides all feature a different and supposedly tactilely distinguishable surface: metal, wood, textile, stone, rubber, and plastic. Looks to be concept only here. Via OhGizmo...

8 GB Stick & Stor for your cell phone


US Modular is now offering an 8 GB Stik & Stor memory expansion for your cell phone. The Stik & Stor with cell phones that use MicroSD or T-Flash slots. The Stik & Stor attaches on the outside of your phone and a blue ribbon cable connects internally to the...

AudioEngine’s A5 Bookshelf Speakers Are No Ordinary Read


These speakers are no ordinary bookshelf bunch. Audioengine’s A5 speaker’s feature set includes a power port to charge your iPod while listening, an internal power amplifier so no external receiver needed, a few subwoofer ports for some boom, and Kevlar woofers. Another neat feature is the additional AC plug found...

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