Monthly Archives: January 2006

Cell Phone Charging Radio


Until fuel cell technology becomes ubiquitous and cheap, you might wanna opt for good old fashion hand cranked power. The Cell Phone Charging Hand-Crank Radio also receives AM/FM, 7 weather channels, VHF TV audio, and has ALERT function to receive National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration weather warnings. It also includes...

Audi/B&O Telescoping Speaker System


Bang & Olufsen recently unveiled is Advanced Sound System for Audi A8 and S8s. Putting aside its 1000 watts of power, and 14 individually powered speakers, the B&O’s A.S.S (insert joke here) incorporates the use of a dashboard mounted speakers called Acoustic Lens. When the system is powered on, the...

Medis Fuel Cell for Cell Phones


Fuel cell seem to be all the rage nowadays. Whether it’s a fuel cell car or even a fuel cell clock. And why shouldn’t they be? The promise of water powering our gadgets more than any other battery technology is pretty amazing. However, there’s certainly a lot of hurdles to...

Water Powered Clock


If you need a little more novelty in your life and already have the water powered calculator, then you need one of these. It’s a clock that runs on the liquid of your choice, and apparently does so by extracting electrons and converting them to electricity via a fuel cell....

BUOY wireless floating speakers


If you’re anything like me, you enjoy your music while sitting in your hot tub outside. However, my outdoor speaker is at least 5 feet from my hot tub. Unacceptable. Imagine if it could have been floating alongside me IN the hot tub. Stop imaginging! Thanks to the BUOY, it’s...

Jet Fighter Rated Headphones


When I was a regular commuter of public transportation, I realized it was a constant balancing act between my iPod’s volume and the screech of the train’s wheels. I didn’t want the music so loud that I would damage my ears, but I also wanted to hear my tuneage, and...

iTab: Apple iBook turned Mac Tablet


Sick of waiting for Apple to ship the long-rumored Mac Tablet? Then wait no longer thanks to The company has taken the 12″ G4 iBook and converted it into a tablet Mac known as the iTab. The machine will use the 1.33 Ghz G4 iBook with 512 MB RAM,...

Nano Case Doubles as Bluetooth and FM Radio


If you wanna add Bluetooth and FM Radio to your iPod Nano, then don’t bother wasting your time with all those additional accessories, when you can you find the desired feature set in a protective case. Hard to believe, but the EverE A373 Nano Dongle doesn’t just double as a...

Homemade Lock Picking Tool


Lock picking has for a long time been portrayed as an easy to do task in the flicks. I know from experience that after numerous attempts (just for practice) on my homes doors is that it requires some skill and most importantly knowledge. Let me just start by explaining that...

Stash Stuff in Your PC


If there were ever a product to help you sneak really small, thin stuff onto a plane, this is it. The StashCard poses as a normal PC card for a laptop, but in fact opens to reveal a small compartment. Finding what would fit in there might be worth a...

Rolls-Royce Offers Free Sirius Radio


Rolls-Royce will now include a paid life time subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio and equipment when you purchase one of their vehicles. Can I just say “finally!?. Sure, Rolls-Royce only makes up a minute fraction of the vehicles on the road, but it paves the way for other upper echelon...

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