Monthly Archives: December 2005

Use Anywhere WiFi Phone


How would you like to have a cell phone plan that offers you 500 minute at $14.99/month? I think we all would, but until then you’ll just have to pick up the next best thing: the Vonage F1000 WiFi travel anywhere phone. Heading to Europe? Just pack the F1000 (battery...

CD2CD Standalone CD Duplicator


Running your software pirating ring? Maybe you’re running a legitimate record label? Regardless of what your intentions are, if you need to make copies of audio or data CDs in a jiffy then ThinkGeek has the solution for you. The CD2CD Standalone CD Duplicator! This little guy can copy a...

Centrix MVP-150: Media player and GPS in one


The Centrix MVP-150 is more than just a media player. The Centrix MVP-150 is a digital dream according to its creators, Sitec System. The MVP-150 features a 4″ touchscreen LCD which lets you view movies, play music, play games, view text and graphic files, as well as access its GPS...

PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse to USB

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Now this is one nifty little gadget. This cable allows you to plug in a PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard into one USB port. Definitely cool for Macs, laptops, and smaller PCs that no longer ship with PS/2 ports. Story via Akihabara News...

Cingular Announces Video On Demand

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Cingular has announced plans to offer video on demand on its mobile devices. This news arrives on the heals of the launch of Cingular’s 3G high speed network. Users will be able to download clips of weather, news, sports and more importantly select HBO content. Cingular plans to offer this...

One Order of HDTV To Go Please

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It’s probably safe to assume that in Japan HDTV is a must have at all times. Perhaps that is why Pixela has introduced a PDA/remote control looking device that allows you to watch HDTV (or H.264 – we’re not entirely sure) while on the go. We’re not sure how many...

Quackers for Blinking Ducks


Drop a few of these rubber duckies in the tub, and you got yourself a whole lot of bath fun. If anything, it’ll trick your little horror into dropping their guard long enough to submerge them for a scrubbing. The LED ducks light up in different colors (yellow, blue, white,...

Sony to lose $95 per PlayStation 3


With the exception of Nintendo, console makers usually lose money when they first release a console. The goal is to make up the losses later on in the console’s life when production costs are cheaper and when they’re making enough money off accessories and games. However, this round of consoles...

HD DVD on the Xbox 360?


There’s a rumor floating around that Microsoft plans to add HD DVD to its Xbox 360 as early as next year, according to Japan’s Jiji News. On another note, there are also rumors contradicting this rumor – sweet huh? Unfortunately, the reports that do purport the addition of the HD...

Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Cocktail Table


If you were alive in the 80s, then I’m sure you’ve seen this Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga cocktail table in bars. You know, the glass table top on top of the arcade machine that you look down to play. Thanks to Brookstone, you can now have one of these classic...

Tekkeon ezTalker ET3000 Bluetooth Headset Released

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Tekkeon has announced the availability of its new ezTalker ET3000, a ridiculously cool Bluetooth headset. The new ezTalker uses the Bluetooth 1.2 standard to get a cleaner sound quality. But that’s not what truly seperates the ET3000 from its competition. The headset features a 64 x 48 LED screen. According...

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