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Relay Puts Your Entire Home At The Command Of One Console

It's been a dream for a lot of nerds to have a home that's just like the Enterprise, in that it flies through space at reality-distorting speeds and comes with high-powered weapons to fire at anybody that annoys us. But, failin...

The Blink Blocks Cameras, If You’re Excessively Paranoid

We are surrounded, every day and pretty much at all times, by cameras. There are cameras on smartphones, tablets, above computer screens, embedded in walls, and on and on and on. Most of us have accepted this as just the way th...
Deal Of Day

Flex 2, Yoga 2 Pro Receive New Lowest Prices from Lenovo

Looking for a versatile and portable new notebook PC today? We've got you covered with two great new deals from Lenovo. Today the Lenovo Flex 2 15 comes in at only $449 - the lowest price this config's been by $60 after coupon ...


CarbonLite Wrenches Are Your Old Wrenches, But With Way More Carbon Fiber

We all want more fiber. Well, OK, mostly old people want more fiber. But nerds want more carbon fiber, because carbon fiber is awesome; light, strong, cool-looking, it's why we love materials science and it's being used in pret...
back to the future light up shoes

Complete Your Marty McFly Costume With Light Up Shoes

The perfect Halloween costume is the one that's not seen as much. The more original the better! If you want to stand out from all the vampires, monsters and the like this Halloween, consider dressing up as Marty McFly from the ...
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Smart Sportswear Features Wearable Audio Coach

Not everyone can afford a coach or personal trainer like professional athletes have and are stuck training alone. The Mbody Coach will change all that as it provides real-time audio coaching as you train your hardest for an upc...


Haven Brings More Security To Your Door Locks

Technology has advanced relentlessly over the last century, but one technology that really hasn't changed much is the lock to your house. It's one of those cases where it's "good enough." There are advances in locks, but they'r...
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stormtrooper cuff links

Star Wars Stormtrooper Cuff Links Make A Boring Suit Cool

The holiday season is approaching and that can only mean one thing - parties, parties and more parties! Don't get caught in a boring old suit come this Christmas or New Years. Instead add some flair and a bit of cool with some ...
ThermalStrike Suitcase

Suitcase Nukes Stowaway Bed Bugs (video)

Just thinking about bed bugs makes me itchy all over! Bed bugs are super gross and super annoying. But these days, if you don't have a black light device you carry around with you all the time, you might never know that you're ...
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Deeper fish finder

Deeper Smart Sonar Makes Fishing Trips Successful (video)

Don't you hate it when you plan a huge fishing trip excursion with your best buds and come home empty handed? You wouldn't have if you had the Deep Smart Sonar Fishfinder with you! The portable fish finder machine for smartphon...

Your Fingers Are Your Keys With The iFingerLock

Never worry about losing your gym lock's keys or having to wear them on your shorts with a  safety pin when you have the iFingerLock Fingerprint Biometric Padlock in your gym bag. To open the lock, just slide your finger and it...

Just Released Gauntlet Discounted at 25% Off

Yesterday's release of Gauntlet is a solid 25% off after GMG coupon SEPTEM-BEROFF-ER25XX. No critics have reviewed on Metacritic so far, but it's got an 8.2 user score, which is nothing to sneeze at for fans of the genre. Also ...