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sound wall

Soundwall Combines Music and Art, Music Wireless Plays From Artwork

If you love music and art, then the combination of both into one will probably get you really excited. So you should really be jumping up and down to hear that Soundwall has captured both into one device - artwork that hangs on...
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PowerCurl Cord Wrap

Keep Your MacBook Cords Nice and Neat With The PowerCurl Cord Wrap

No one likes a messy workspace filled with cables everywhere. To help your messy cable problem, opt for the PowerCurl MacBook Power Cord Wrap that's only $10 at The Fancy! It works with the entire family of MacBook power adapte...
Deal Of Day

HP Pavilion 11 Windows 8.1 Tablet drops $200, Space Pirates And Zombies only $2, & More

Want a solid Windows 8.1 tablet that can convert to a laptop with the click of a keyboard? Today the HP Pavilion 11 tablet with Core i5 Haswell processor and 128GB SSD is under $600 from the Microsoft Store. The tablet features...

Startech Thunderbolt Dock-0350

Startech Thunderbolt Docking Station Review

With any computer that uses Thunderbolt, unless you've got the cash to buy a couple of Thunderbolt Displays to go along with it, there's very little most users can do with the high density data transfer connector. It's expensiv...
war thunder1

IL-1 Birds of Prey Gets A High-End Simulator

You may not be familiar with IL-1 Birds of Prey. It's an aircraft combat MMO using classic planes from the first half of the twentieth century, and it's generally getting good reviews despite still being in beta. It does, howev...
Cell Phones
amazon phone1

6 Things You Need To Know About Amazon’s Kindle Phone (List)

The rumors appear to be true. After years of development, it appears that Amazon really will be putting out a smartphone. So what do you need to know about the next step in Amazon's would-be dominance of hardware? 1. Pretty Muc...


Here’s Stunning Drone Footage Of New York City (Video) Flying a drone in a urban area is dumb for a multitude of reasons. It can put the safety of others at risk, especially if you're an inexperienced pilot. It can crash, be crashed, or even be shot down d...
smart light

Hear Music and Light Up A Room Directly From Your Phone, Smartlight is a Speaker and Bulb

What do you get when  you cross a LED bulb and a speaker? Give up...You get Smartlight! Okay, that was a lame joke, but seriously, Smartlight does combine the two and lets you control both from your smartphone, PC or tablet. Th...
LEGO Builds
The simpsons house lego set

Recreate Your Own Favorite Scenes With The Simpsons House LEGO Set

A while back, we posted about The Simpsons LEGO set being the first licensed line of LEGO minifies and now they've released their house as its own set. The new set has 2,523 bricks and comes with a variety of seated featured li...

Image Courtesy of Pioneer Audio

Roadtrip!: Apple’s CarPlay Goes Aftermarket

In Apple’s 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote, SVP Eddy Cue detailed “iOS in the Car.” This news was expected, as a few car companies had already integrated an “Eyes-Free Siri” feature. But Siri was basically a voice-...
HBO Go Apple TV

4 Apple TV Rumors You Can Sink Your Teeth Into: Features, Functions and Release Date (list)

As the blogosphere and Wall Street clamor over the snippets of “news” leaking out about plans for the iPhone 6 and “iWatch” wearable, both of which are expected to be big sellers, one of Apple’s most successful products has bee...
iPhone 5s cases

17 of the Best iPhone 5s Cases of 2014…So Far (list)

Looking to protect your iPhone 5s from spills, dust, drops and more? Or are you looking for a cool-colored case to accent your smartphone? Whatever your reasons are, we've compiled some of the best iPhone cases available. There...