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Moto Hint

Moto Hint Bluetooth Headphone Hides in Your Ear, Automatically Shuts Off When Removed

Earlier this month, Motorola introduced a number of smartphones, a wearable device and a couple of accessories to go along with it, including the Moto Hint. Moto Hint is a bluetooth headset which can perform a variety of tasks,...
Deal Of Day

iPad Air Retina $400, Amazon Fire TV cheapest ever, and tomorrow’s FIFA 15 release for 25% off

Looking for the latest iPad at a substantial discount? Today you can snag the base model iPad Air Retina for $400 - nearly $100 off its usual price. This is the fastest, highest res Apple tablet available. The up-and-coming Ama...
The Scrubba

The Scrubba Is Your Portable, Hand-Operated Washing Machine

If you're out and about, whether you're camping, biking, hiking, or just live in a tiny apartment or a dorm room and want to save on money, getting laundry done is an enormous pain. Either you've got to have a ton of quarters, ...


The Sphelar Solar Flashlight Makes Charging Your Flashlight Easy And Green

Flashlights are incredibly useful tools, but if you use them a lot, you know from personal experience how quickly they chew through batteries, and how many they'll grind through on a regular basis. As a result, more and more wo...

Every Great Bet Starts with a Glass of Whiskey, What’s Yours? (video/sponsored)

Every great glass of scotch deserves the presence of friends.  After all, something shared is something enjoyed folds over.  But that in mind, not all things can be shared.  Good thing Johnnie Walker's Blue Label Blended Whiske...
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Deal Of Day

Lenovo Y40 Laptop Slammed Under $700

Need a laptop with solid performance both for power use and even casual to medium gaming? Lenovo's Y40 series is a solid pick, and today the Lenovo Y40 59423030 config hits an all-time low by $30, coming in at just under $700 (...


Ecobee Smart Thermostat Takes The Aggravation Out Of Smart Homes

Smart thermostats are truly amazing things. Once you get them up to speed on your habits and styles, they'll immediately start saving you money and time. But you have to teach them, over weeks, to get things just right, and the...
Harmony Ultimate Home remote

Control Your Smart Home With One Remote (video)

You're home is probably filled with lots of smart devices that keep the lights turned off when no one's in a room and the temperature nice and cool for when you get home from work. Your smartphone must also be filled with tons ...
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The Kormaran Deserves Its Own Boat Class

If you can't make up your mind between getting a monohull, catamaran or a trimaran, just get the Kormaran! The watercraft is actually a bet of all three, putting it in its own boat class. It features the agility of a monohull a...


Random HDTV Fire Sale: 55-inch only $380? One Day Only

Generic brands are a tempting buy when a 55-inch HDTV drops to $379.99 with free shipping. Best Buy just launched a today-only "Special offers on HDTVs, video games, accessories and more" Sale. The name is less than impressive,...

PowerPole Powers Your GoPro… And Anything Else

There's nothing worse, when you're trying to film something, than the power dying. Dead batteries are a plague upon the house of anyone who is trying to get, well, anything shot and edited, but it's especially tough when you're...

Clef Du Vin Lets You Taste Wine The Way It Was Meant To Be

Wine snobs are incredibly tiresome people, especially once you discover that while there are taste differences in types of wine, anybody talking about fruity notes of castor oil is full of crap. No, seriously. There have been s...