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Booq Python Slim-2

Booq Python Slimpack Review: Slim and Small is Finally Good

A good backpack can go a million miles.  And by that I don't mean actual distance, though I'm confident that Booq's bag will last the test of time.  By that I mean the return on money.  Case in point the Booq Python Slimpack. W...
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6 Reasons Why The FLIR ONE Infrared Accessory Is A Handyperson’s Best Friend (list)

If you're a homeowner, you've probably become very handy around the house. After all, doing things yourself saves money and provides you with this proud sense of ownership, making you feel as if you can tackle any household pro...
Sense Sleep System

Sense Wants To Help You Get A Better Night’s Rest

Getting enough sleep is essential to a healthy life. But safely, many of us aren't getting the zzz's we should be getting, making us walking zombies in the morning until we get our first cup of coffee. As a creative type, I kno...


HEXO+, For All Your Flying Camera Drone Needs

Drones are cool. This is not so much a statement of opinion as a statement of fact. Who doesn't want a robot flying around, doing stuff for us... in this case, filming us doing stuff? Because that's exactly what the HEXO+ offer...

The NES30 Brings Old-School Control To Mobile Gaming

Let's face it, for most gamers, the controller never, ever got better than the original NES. Square, solidly built, with a pleasing weight to it, the NES controller is, for many, the defining controller. And now you can use it ...
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Star Wars X Wing

Video of the Day: Star Wars 7 X-Wing Revealed (video)

Stars Wars fans look no further than this short video from JJ Abrams, which includes the new X-Wing from Star Wars 7.  And let's not forget about the charity he is supporting: Force for Change.
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Deal Of Day

Six Dollar Arkham Origins Shows Up In “75 Years of Batman” PC Gaming Sale

Fan of the Caped Crusader? Apparently Green Man Gaming is as well. Until tomorrow (Thursday) at 8AM Pacific, there's a 75 Years of Batman sale on a dozen Batman PC download games. Appropriately enough, they're all instantly dis...
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Xiaomi’s Mi 4 Packs A Lot Of Features For A Low Price

As Android handsets get more popular across the world, inevitably they're going to pack in more features for lower and lower prices. It's been the nature of technology for quite a while, but Xiaomi is taking it to new heights w...
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Foot Hammock

Kick Up Your Feet And Relax With The Fuut Under Desk Foot Hammock

I'm the type that likes to place my feet on a stool, trash bin or a box at work, but that doesn't always translate to comfort. Either the boxes move too much, the trash bin can't hold the weight of my feet or the stool is too h...

Bistro cat feeder

Bistro Smart Feeder Will Recognize Your Cat’s Face (video)

As a cat lover and owner, I'm over the moon with the Indiegogo campaign for Bistro - the smart cat feeder that not only recognizes your cat's face, but will provide you valuable info and insight into your feline friend's health...
concealment table

Concealment Coffee Table Stashes Your Goods In Secret Compartment

If you're trying to hide certain things (like weapons)  from your significant other or roommate and don't know where to stash them, then you need the Oak Coffee Table that features a secret compartment no one will know about bu...
OfficeJet Pro 8620 e-All-in-One Printer main

HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 e-All-in-One Printer Review

hat constitutes a printer has changed radically over the last few years: once a printer printed  and that was it! Today printing is just one of the functions as the technology contained has ...
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