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Ultrapak Tour Gets Your Phone Charged Fast

Dead batteries on your phone are always annoying, but the problem can get a lot worse when you've got the battery, and your phone takes forever to get charged up. Sometimes you're impatient, sometimes you just need to get on th...
Lexus IS350 F Sport

2014 Lexus IS350 F Sport Video Review: Great in the Corners, Sluggish off the Line (video)

In short, the 2014 Lexus IS350 F Sport doesn't deliver enough off the line power.  But despite that one misgiving, it handles like a champ and looks great while doing it.  Moreover, Lexus' LFA mouse tech is intuitive to use, sa...

PantryChic Makes Baking Easier and Cleaner

With the new Kickstarter PantryChic in your kitchen, you'll never need to use measuring cups ever again, meaning you'll have less dishes to wash and less of a mess to clean up! The ingredient store and dispense system controls ...
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Williams Sonoma Gets Iced Coffee Wrong With Zoku

I live in New England, and, once you live here long enough, you will drink iced coffee as your beverage of choice. It's just going to happen. One day, you will realize it's thirty degrees outside, you're freezing, and you still...

TouchPico Will Turn Any Flat Surface Into A 80″ Touchscreen (video)

Big things come in small packages and that's exactly the case with the Indiegogo project for TouchPico. It may look like a tiny handled projector, but it has the power to transform any surface into a huge 80" interactive touchs...

The Best Five Back to School Gaming Laptops of 2014

It's that dreaded time of year again for every student gaming addict out there - Back To School. While Joe Blow might be in the market for a new budget/basic machine, every PC gamer wants a new PC to fulfill a dual purpose: 1) ...


Soto Torch Turns Lighters Into Useful Tools

If you're camping, hiking, or just have a recalcitrant stove, you need a reliable source of fire. A lighter would seem to fit the bill, but lighters, as campers quickly learn, aren't built to do anything other than light a pile...

The Clean Cup Rinses Your Balls

I was never a great fan of the sport of beer pong, because honestly, if I want to drink beer, I'm not going to huck a ball into a cup of beer. I'm just going to drink the beer. But, everybody has their own fun, and there are re...
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selfie toaster

Jam Up Your Selfies With The Selfie Toaster

Would you like jam and butter with your selfie? Sure you would 'cause toast just got a whole lot better now that you can jam up your face with the unique toaster that imprints your best selfie on a slice of bread. Not only can ...

Bunch O Balloons

Water Fights Just Got A Whole Lot Better Thanks To Bunch O Balloons

Water balloons are a summer staple, whether you're a kid or an adult. The only drag is having to take the time to fill up each one. And then you lose lots of water balloon ammo when trying to fill them, only doubling the work a...
Deal Of Day

Deals: Acer’s 1440p Touch Ultrabook Cut to $899 at Microsoft

Looking for a great deal on a reasonably powerful Ultrabook? Today the Acer Aspire S7 1440p Touch hits a new low of $899. Aside from the 2560x1440 touchscreen, it sports a Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, a 256GB SSD, and weighs und...
Carl Kasell Retires From National Public Radio

NPR One Is Like A Pandora Of Public Radio

National Public Radio is beloved and scorned in equal measure, but it's offered us a surprising amount of great stuff over the decades. But it can also be hard to tune it in depending on where you are... which is where NPR One ...