What is an LCD Projector?

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Updated December 6, 2022

Figuring out what is an LCD projector takes a little time and research into projection technology. Understanding technical terms like light source and dichroic mirrors will be helpful. Even if you’re entirely new to learning about LCD projection, it shouldn’t be a complex topic to understand. Several different projector technologies are available, but the best projectors provide amazing image quality at an affordable price.


  • Popular as digital-cinema projectors, you can use LCD models in multiple capacities even beyond watching your favorite movie in amazing picture quality.
  • LCD cells and liquid crystal gel make these projector models so different from other types, like pico projectors or laser projectors.
  • These bright projectors provide stunning color saturation and amazing image quality, and they produce a light source with lumens high enough to cut through a dark background. They’re even better than making an overhead projector

Explaining LCD Projectors

Answering the question, “What is an LCD projector?” doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to be an expert in projection technology, either. But, you should get some info about how LED projectors actually work, as they’re different than LCD. LCD models are fantastic for a wider range of uses than you might think. LCD models aren’t just fit to be digital-cinema projectors. They can be instrumental in a home theater, a business presentation, and even a classroom setting. For more information, try comparing a TV vs a projector in a classroom.

Insider Tip

If you run into technical problems with your projector, always reach out to customer service to help you troubleshoot.

The History of LCD Technology

There is a long history behind modern-day LCD panels, which originated in 1971. Projection technology has taken us a long way, and now there are even single-chip DLP projectors that pack in an even sharper image. If you’re interested in learning more about digital light processing, asking “What is a DLP projector?” would be an excellent place to start. DLP projectors do have a higher number of individual pixels and better image quality.

Benefits of Color LCD Display

Unlike LED projectors like the TOPVISION mini projector, the LCD option provides deep blacks while keeping bright objects crisp. It’s also great for those seeking the brightest projector possible for their purposes. There are tons of benefits to using LCD projectors:

  • Brighter primary colors
  • Better color accuracy
  • Sharp Images

How LCD Displays Work

An LCD screen works by sending a high-intensity colored light beam through an LCD panel, where electrical signals dictate the display on the projector screen. The white light also passes through several microscopic mirrors used for correcting magnification and maintaining accurate color. Projector tech pros love liquid crystal display technology because it displays a brighter image on your premium projection screen of choice.

Explaining Liquid Crystal Displays

Don’t mix LCD (liquid crystal display) with LCoS projectors (liquid crystal on silicon). While they sound similar, these models do function differently. LCD is a type of technology that has a liquid crystal layer sandwiched between two LCD cells. This allows them to emit a beam of light strong enough to contend with ambient light.


Watching projected material can lead to eye strain, especially when doing so at maximum brightness.


What should I look for when choosing a projector?

There are a few things to look for when purchasing a projector:

  • Image sharpness
  • Color accuracy
  • Bright whites

Do I need to buy a DLP Epson projector?

Whether you need a high-end projector like any DLP Epson model depends on what you’re trying to do. For an immersive movie night experience, it’s second to none.

Is a dedicated home theater necessary for watching my favorite movie?

You don’t need theater projectors and a 150-inch screen for an immersive movie night experience, but the set-up certainly helps. Your budget will determine if you should invest in the equipment necessary.

What type of video projector do I need?

The vast majority of people will do just fine with a budget projector that fits their needs. You don’t need to invest in expensive projectors if you’re just playing your favorite games or movies, for example.

STAT: The value of LCD devices in Japan decreased by almost 15% in 2020. (source)

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