What is a Laser Projector?

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Updated December 8, 2022

Understanding the question, “What is a laser projector?” can feel overwhelming. Most people aren’t experts in laser engines or how they work to provide high image brightness. The best projectors available use solid-state lasers which differ from LED projectors. Besides, laser-based projectors use more watts than lamplight projectors, although lamp-based projectors don’t last long. So, learning more about laser-based projectors will prepare you for making a sound investment.


  • These advanced projectors have multiple advantages over bulb projectors, becoming wildly popular with institutions of all types.
  • Laser projection has multiple advantages, such as high lumens brightness, better throw ratio, vibrant colors, and more visible wavelengths of light.
  • Laser projectors use a light engine instead of lamp-based projection, producing exact colors through a semiconduction process.

How Your Laser Projector Works

Asking, “What is a laser projector?” is the first step to investing in a projector that provides richer colors, high image quality, and better color accuracy, like the Optoma short-throw projector. While the initial cost may be high, the savings in costs of replacement lamps more than makes up for it. Plus, you’ll have nicer picture quality, which can’t be said for low-end projectors like the Cibest projector. The natural next question is, “How do LED projectors work?” if you’re interested in modern projectors.

Explaining Laser Projection Technology

Understanding laser technology is crucial to understanding the cost associated with this technology. It is also important to learn where to mount a laser projector and what projector screen works best with it. While the cost of ownership can be high for some models, affordable laser projectors are available. For that reason, educational institutions should consider a laser model. Comparing a TV vs. a projector in a classroom only leads to one answer: the addition of a projector with laser technology.

If you want to check out a projector with laser tech, then read our Epson EF-100 review.

Insider Tip

A bulb-based projector will typically tell you how many hours it has left and will turn on an indicator light to remind you when the hours are low.

Light Engine Instead of Projector Lamps

Unlike lamp projectors, laser-based projectors don’t have traditional lamps. Instead, these types of projectors express their light output using a semiconduction process. A light engine is an LED alternative to lamps. If you know anything about LED lights, you’re already familiar with the concept.

The Role of Laser Beams and White Light

You can thank the coherent beam of white light LED models for the production of accurate colors. You should understand a wide range of technology before getting into the technical details of this projector unit. For now, just know that the light engine produces bright light, not light bulbs.

The Benefit of Laser Projectors

The most significant benefit of laser projection is the range of colors expressed. They also provide more accurate colors because they can project wider color gamuts. A wide color range is not the only benefit, however. Low maintenance costs are another, alongside not having to install a replacement lamp. Furthermore, you can learn how to set up a projector outside, especially if it’s laser-based.

But, there are smart laser projectors with even more features available. To learn about smart projectors, visit our guide on what does a smart projector do.


Oils from your hands can damage the interior components of your projector, so be careful not to touch any exposed parts while changing your projector lamp.


Why are laser projectors better than lamp projectors?

Lamp-based projectors require routine maintenance. A traditional projection lamp only has around 2,000 hours of life before you need to purchase lamp replacements. The cost of replacement lamps adds up. That makes laser projection systems the lower-cost alternative.

What is the best quality projector?

Rather than being a single model, there is a collection of traits that you should look for. Here are a few things a prospective projector owner should look for:

  • Full-color gamut
  • Crisp picture quality
  • Laser-based projection

Which is better, laser or LED projectors?

Both types of projectors have high energy efficiency compared to traditional projectors. However, the laser projector has impressive color accuracy and better accuracy of projection. This puts them ahead of their LED counterparts.

Do I have to worry about blue light exposure from laser light?

Blue light is everywhere. Almost all screens produce it, causing eye strain and headaches. However, you don’t have to worry about high blue light production from laser projector technology. You’ll be fine if you aren’t staring directly at the laser beams.

STAT: Sales of lasers are projected to surpass 18 billion dollars globally in 2021. (source)

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