Top 10 MacBook Air Accessories (list)

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Updated June 27, 2022

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Apple just keeps on making their already stellar products even better with every version they release and their MacBook Air is no different. Touted as the “everyday notebook,” the new MacBook Air that recently came out in June is even faster and more powerful than before, while still remaining incredibly thin and light. With pricing starting at just $999, the MacBook Air is totally affordable and is a great companion for just about anything! Here are the Top 10 accessories that will complement the new notebook. If you want a Del instead, check out the Dell XPS 13.

10. Power Support Clear Air Jacket ($59.95)

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Ultra thin and ultra light…just like your MacBook Air, which makes the Power Support Clear Air Jacket the perfect option to keep your notebook safe from scratches.

9. InCase 13-inch Perforated Hardshell Case for MacBook Air ($59.95)

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Known to provide great laptop cases, InCase has released a 13-inch Perforated Hardshell Case for the new MacBook Air. Available in white, black and blue, customers can choose between a glossy or matte finish. All ports are exposed so no need to take the notebook out of the case and the underbelly features four rubber feet, lifting it for additional cooling.

8. Booq Bags Taipan Shadow Laptop Messenger ($89.95)


The Taipan Shadow Laptop Messenger bag is sleek and professional way to carry around your MacBook Air and its accessories. Compact and lightweight, yet very roomy with lots of space, you’ll be able to carry around all your documents, books and notes in one easy place. The bag also features a durable zipper, back pocket with zippered trolley pass-through and a seatbelt nylon shoulder strap that makes it comfortable when carrying. Speaking of comfort, take a look at this interesting review on the MacBook pro high pitched whining sound that some users claim is unbearable.

7. WaterField Designs MacBook Air Wallet ($89 for 11”/$99 for 13”)

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Keep your MacBook Air safe with WaterField Designs’ MacBook Air Wallet. As a compact travel case, it features three scratch free, lightly padded internal pockets so that you’re the notebook, SuperDrive, power adapter and its accessories are separate and safe. A stretchy back pocket provides all the storage you need for your complete mobile office. Impact-resistant inserts further protect the MacBook Air and other accessories.

6. Cartella for MacBook Air ($79.99 for 11”/$89.99 for 13”)

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Resembling the classic and stylish Moleskin Notebook, the Cartella for MacBook Air does away with the ream of paper center and makes room for an 11-inch or 13-inch MacBook Air in its place. All of the notebook’s ports are still accessible, which makes this handmade case a convenient and stylish option.

5. Bamboo Blackbox Case ($99 to get on wait list)

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Made from wood, the Bamboo Blackbox Cases are unlike any other out there. Made for the MacBook Air, iPad and MacBook Pros, these cases will protect your goods while looking good! Each case includes a leather strap engraved with the production number so grab yours now by funding the Kickstarter campaign!

4. HyperJuice External 60Wh Battery ($169.95)

Hypermac Macbook Air Battery

If you know you’re going to be away from your MacBook Air’s battery for a while, HyperJuice’s External 60Wh Battery powers the device so that it can last up to 20 hours on a single charge. Made with military-grade lithium ion cells, it’s rechargeable up to 1,000 times. And because your MacBook Air is so stylish, it features a sleek aluminum housing that’s color-matched to the notebook.

3. Seagate GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive ($179)

Seagaet GoFlex Mac

As an ultra-portable hard drive that’s also ultra-easy to store, the GoFlex from Seagate is a very easy way to store, backup and retrieve your files on the go with your MacBook Air. With Time Machine software compatibility and the possibility of a Thunderbolt cable releasing in the near future, you’ll never want to part with this or your MacBook Air!

2. Apple MacBook Air SuperDrive ($79)

Apple SuperDrive

Everything you need in an optical drive is packaged in the Apple MacBook Air SuperDrive. Compact and convenient, the SuperDrive fist easily into a travel bag and lets you install software and play and burn both CDs and DVDs. With no need for multiple cables, it connects to your MacBook Air with a single USB cable that’s already built into the optical drive.

1. Apple Thunderbolt 27-inch Display ($979)


Once you’re done taking your MacBook Air everywhere, come home to Apple’s Thunderbolt 27-inch Display that easily connects to the notebook for a panoramic viewing experience unlike anything else! The glossy widescreen display features a cinematic 16:9 aspect ratio and a 2560 x 1440 resolution. With the built-in iSight camera and microphone, you can connect your MacBook Air notebook — open or closed — and have video chats or take pictures using Photo Booth. It also sports a built-in 49W speaker system with an integrated subwoofer! And because it carries both video and audio, there’s one less cable to worry about.

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