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Resogun: Heroes is a DLC extension of the resogun games. Now with these new updates, you can play an all new survival mode and demolition. Demolition mode striked as a fun time, because in the game there are wrecking ball items that aid in the demolition that takes place, it is a great pass time where you get stuck on trying to attain some high scores, and that’s pretty much the geist. Games such as resogun heroes are made to be simple, sweet, and to the point, but if you’re looking for more of a storyline, I suggest trying out the transistor game, which is also indie based, so you won’t spend a crazy amount as usual. If you’re looking to invest some more time with some great gaming choices, I recommend far cry 4 or infamous second son from our best PS4 games. These are some of the best video games in the list of a good number of gamers.

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Why We Like It – Resogun Heroes Review

Resogun Heroes is a DLC pack that includes two new game modes for Resogun. These new game modes allow players to finally play a local co-op, or try out their luck in demolition and survival mode. We like this game because it is a great deal, packed with hours of fun with trying to beat your high score. It is the perfect game for anyone trying to kill some time playing these new age arcade games.

  • Local co-op
  • Easy controls
  • Custom Ships
  • DLC investment for optimal use


The game operates like other arcade games. There is a main menu that lists the type of plays that you can do such as single player, local co-op, or the two new modes of play. Once you’re in there are very little instructions needed since the game is essentially maneuvering and shooting through the obstacles in your way of saving humans. Every ship destroyed, every human saved, adds up to your high scores that are tallied up in the end. Pretty simple game for people trying to enjoy some minutes of gaming without diving into an unnecessarily long storyline. You may as well compare it to other awesome games by reading our review on the best video games of 2014, why they are special, and where you can find them for yourself or for friends. Interested in playing an epic fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)? Click our Tera review.


One aspect of this heroes dlc that really stood out is the ship editor. You can literally build any ship that you want, to use in the midst of battle. First thing that popped in my head is that I might go on and try to build Rick’s spaceship from Rick and Morty, because it would be nice to cause some demolition in their honor. The possibilities are endless and present something unique to show in this indie market.


The heroes dlc is a great purchase for anyone looking to find a quick fun game to play and achieve the highest score. If you’re already a playstation plus player, the game should already be available for download, all you need to invest in is the heroes dlc. While I do believe the co op should’ve been added from the start, the two new game modes you also get with the dlc are a good way to expand the fun.

Resogun Heroes Review Wrap Up

Resogun Heroes is a great game that reminisces of old arcade games we used to play but with plenty of new twists. The new game modes are a good way to try out new styles of play that keep the game fresh, who wouldn’t mind trying out a little demolition mode every once in a while in between some free time? Also we can’t forget the ship editor, which is guaranteed to be a good time because of the endless imaginative ships you can create. Which ships would you like to build on this aerial journey?

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