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Don’t lose your temper if you see your Doctor reaching for his iPhone – no, he’s not about to ignore you. Hospitals are the latest niche to be breached by Apple’s little wonder phone, as an iPhone app by the name of iStethoscope is finding a genuine place in the medical work flow.

In fact, it seems to be much more accurate than traditional acoustic stethoscopes, seeing how it does its math by combining readings from the iPhone’s microphone, camera and motion sensors. The output is a waveform of your heart, shown on the iPhone’s display.

iStethoscope was developed by Peter Bentley at University College London, and it sees about 500 downloads every day at the App Store. It’s not clear how many of the downloads reach a real doctor’s iPhone, but if your doc is a pro, he’ll be dishing out 99¢ for a “Pro” version that has some extra features and doesn’t suffer from advertising.


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