It shouldn’t come as a surprise that comparisons between the iPhone and Playstation Vita were abound, even though they are very different devices. The iPhone, obviously a phone, and the Vita, obviously not a phone, still carry a lot of the same characteristics. And for better or worse, even game consoles like the Nintendo 3DS, DS, and PSP have had a run for their maker’s money because of products like the iPhone.

Then again, considering how the two devices are so vastly different, this comparison won’t be a direct head-to-head. Instead, we’ll compare both based on equal ground, or as close as they get to it.


From my testing of the Vita and the iPhone 4S, along with a number of other handhelds and smartphones, this is a tough call. The iPhone 4S has Apple’s retina display, a 326ppi 960×640 resolution screen that is extremely dense. It uses a high-quality 3.5″ TFT capacitive touchscreen that has, ever since the original iPhone, worked well in direct sunlight.

Meanwhile, the Vita has a 220ppi 960×544 OLED display, which is significantly less dense while on a 5″ screen. On the one hand that means that colors will be more vibrant and saturated, with darker blacks, but the downside is that the display won’t be nearly as visible in bright conditions. Recent OLED displays I’ve tested, including the Samsung Galaxy S II and Epic 4G Touch, are visible in direct sunlight, but that’s thanks to Samsung’s double-pane SuperAMOLED+ system. Sony uses a different glass model for their OLED display.

The benefits of OLED are this: more vibrant colors (to the point of exageration), deeper blacks, and less power drain. TFT, however, is brighter, more accurate, and has been used for decades (and is thus a more refined technology). So what really makes the difference here is the size and density. The Vita is bigger at 5″, and for video and gaming the density won’t be as important as for reading text.

Winner: PS Vita, but it’s close. If the iPhone were larger, or perhaps if we compared a different phone like the HTC Rezound (which has a 720p TFT display), the results would be different.


At this point, it’s safe to call the iPhone’s A5 processor old. It’s been around since last April in the iPad 2, and the chip in the iPhone 4S is even underclocked to 800MHz. The Vita, according to some developers, has an average clock speed of 800MHz but can go up to 2GHz. However, at that high speed the power drain will be significant, so most games are expected to play between 800MHz-1GHz. Both are based on the ARM Cortex A9 design, but Sony’s chip also shares many similarities with the PS3’s Cell processor. It’s a quad-core chip (compared to the iPhone 4S’ dual-core), though as of now it’s unclear just how powerful the chip is. It will take developers some time to really stretch it out, as it did with the Cell CPU.

The only big difference here is that the next iPad, likely to release in the April/May time-frame, will have an updated processor, likely the A6. The next iPhone won’t have it until the holidays, but I expect it to have the same 1GHz frequency but be a quad-core chip. The Vita, on the other hand, won’t receive any major upgrades, but it will remain more powerful than the next gen iPhone and all other competing smartphones for at least two years. Still, that isn’t a long time. However, today, the Vita clearly has the more powerful processor.

Winner: PS Vita, thanks to a CPU with twice the cores and the potential to be 2.5x as fast as the current iPhone.


Storage is a big deal…but in this case, not to Sony. The PS Vita requires some sort of storage to play games and get apps, but doesn’t come with any whatsoever. Vita owners have to buy external storage, and specifically need Sony’s new Playstation Vita Card storage, not SD cards. The pricing isn’t bad: $20 for 4GB, $30 for 8GB, $60 for 16GB, and $100 for 32GB. I’ve asked Sony a few times concerning the speed of these Vita-specific flash cards, but haven’t received any response as of yet. SD cards are known to be unfortunately slow, so slow in fact that pro-grade camera manufacturers are dropping the format and creating their own for their cameras.

The iPhone 4S starts with 16GB and goes up to 64GB, with $100 between the three models. There’s no expandability with the iPhone, but at least it has internal memory to begin with. The Vita actually requires it and forces owners to put down at least an additional $20 just for 4GB. That means to match the iPhone 4S, in terms of storage today, you’d have to pay $310 for the Vita and a 16GB memory card. Then again, put down $350 and that amount of memory storage is the same as a 32GB iPhone 4S, which retails for $400 (plus 2-year service contract).

Winner: iPhone 4S, because it comes storage to begin with and doesn’t attempt to cheat buyers out of more money for required data storage. Until Sony gets back to me regarding their memory card speed, and unless it’s faster than typical (slow) SD cards, the iPhone is the winner, though at higher densities the Vita is a less expensive prospect.

Wireless Connectivity

The PS Vita comes in two models, Wi-Fi only and with 3G. The iPhone 4S meanwhile is a phone, though is also limited to 3G speeds. The kicker for the iPhone is that on AT&T, it has access to what AT&T loves to call 4G (though Apple refused to agree to such marketing for the device because it isn’t true 4G), though both Sprint and Verizon iPhone models are stuck on the slower 3G network. 4G allows for up to 28.8Mb/s data transfer rates, and in my experience is as fast as Sprint’s 4G network, offering roughly 8Mb/s down and 1Mb/s up.

That immediately dings the Vita, because it could, theoretically, have double the transfer speed. Worse yet for the console, contracts are only available in the US through AT&T. Without LTE online gaming is impossible, and with only 3G speeds apps and streaming videos will be slower than what nearly every smartphone released in the past six months. Including the iPhone 4S.

Winner: iPhone 4S, thanks to faster speeds and availability on more carriers.


The Vita has two VGA cameras (640×480), one on the front and one on the back. The iPhone 4S has an 8MP rear camera and a 1.3MP front camera. If that’s not enough, the iPhone 4S is today considered one of the best camera phones available.

If, for some reason you think I need to go on…the Vita has no flash, no hope for taking great pictures, and is only there so developers can potentially make use of it.

Winner: iPhone 4S, because it isn’t a tacked-on piece of junk.

Battery Life

Judging battery life between a gaming console and a phone may appear unfair, but in fact it’s the PS Vita that has the unfair advantage, especially if it’s the Wi-Fi only model. Not only does it sport a beefier 2210mAh battery, compared to the iPhone’s 1432mAh. The Vita’s 5″ display may be more power hungry, but OLED is less power intensive than LCD displays. And the iPhone is always connected because it’s a phone. Even then, Sony averages 3-5 hours of gameplay, 5 hours of video playback, and 9 hours of music playback. The iPhone 4S claims twice the video playback time, 4.5x the music playback time, and can browse the internet for 6 hours over 3G or 9 hours over Wi-Fi.

As for gaming? There aren’t specific numbers for the iPhone 4S yet, but I’ve been playing games like Grand Theft Auto III and the recent update to Rage HD, and it certainly lasts over five hours.

Winner: iPhone 4S, which has a smaller, less-dense battery but still creams the Vita.


Normally, price would be easy to determine because every year a new iPhone released alongside a new iPod Touch. That didn’t happen with the iPhone 4S, meaning the current iPod Touch is the same as last year. It’s as powerful as the iPhone 4, so the iPhone 4S stands alone. Pricing for it is simple: $200 plus a two-year contract, with a $54.99 base price on AT&T. That comes out to roughly $1520 over two years, for the very minimum, and that’s assuming users have the older pricing scheme. Based on today’s minimum pricing, it would be $1640.

Meanwhile, the PS Vita will retail for $250, or $300 for the 3G model with a base $15/month, without a contract.  If there were an equally powerful iPod Touch, the story would be very different. The only alternative for the same power is the iPad 2, which at the base model retails for $500, double the price.

Winner: PS Vita, thanks mostly due to no new iPod Touch.

Gaming Capability

Gaming prowess is by far better on the PS Vita than the iPhone 4S, for three reasons. First, it has physical controls on top of the full touch controls found on the iPhone and any smartphone. That means not only do users get essentially a PS3 gamepad built into the Vita, the large 5″ display is a multi-touch touchscreen, and the back is a touch-sensitive panel to boot.

Second, as mentioned above, the processor is faster, more powerful, and has more cores. And third, the display is much larger (as mentioned above), providing a more inclusive gaming experience.

Winner: PS Vita, because it’s built to be a gaming machine.


It’s a long-standing tradition that game consoles sell because of the number and quality of games released for it. The iPhone (and smartphones in general) have slowly changed that thanks to how easy it is to develop games and how so many people have smartphones.

When the PS Vita releases outside of Japan, it will have 12 launch titles. That number is expected to grow to 30 within the first few months after release. The iPhone, in the meantime, will accumulate at least another 1,000 games between the time you read this and the Vita’s actual release. The sad truth is most of those games will be 99 cents or free and not provide a “true” gaming experience.

However, the iPhone has a large number of excellent games available to it. They may be hard to find, but the fact is the Vita will be lucky to have the kind of game sales that iOS developers get.

For games, the dealbreaker for anyone, there are three important questions: will the quality of Vita games far surpass what we see in iPhone gaming today? Will there be a lot of PS Vita games, both full releases and mini games (ie board games, card games, minor apps that are fun for a few minutes at a time; not traditional console games)? And will the Vita see a lot of hacking, game emulation, and remote gameplay through the PS3? There’s no reason not to expect a higher quality of games coming to the Vita than the iPhone, though there are only 34 planned full-release games that we know of thus far. The Vita has already been hacked for remote play of PS3 games like Batman: Arkham City and Battlefield 3, meaning that the portable console can play full-fledged home console games via Wi-Fi streaming.

However, we already know that the iPhone can do the same thing through OnLive (though the service isn’t currently active on iOS; it is available on Android and waiting for Apple’s approval). Plus games on the iPhone can be played with an external controller, so long as the game supports it. Big-name titles like Infinity Blade 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies are only found on iOS.

There’s no denying that the iPhone has more games, and because of the sheer number will likely always have more better games than the Vita. Furthermore, because of how many iPhones are out there (and all iOS devices), it will take a few years before some developers take the Vita seriously, if at all. It’s sad, but for now, true. So many of the current iOS games sell so well that they can keep lower prices. High-end games like Infinity Blade 2 go for under $10. There are so many deals from developers that many drop down to a buck. The state of gaming on iOS is, right now, way better than not only the Vita when it releases in February, but frankly better than any dedicated console period. It may even be better than the PC.

Winner: iPhone 4S, because the current gaming ecosystem on iOS far surpasses any other gaming machine, dedicated or not.

Overall Winner: iPhone 4S (by a hair)

It’s close. Very, very close. However, what the better gaming device really comes down to, as it always does, is the value and quality of the games that are available for said device. In this case, Sony is fighting an uphill battle with the PS Vita, at least for now. With the potential to make not just most, but all PS1 (and even potentially PS2) games available for the Vita through the company’s Playstation Certification program (or just making those games available period), that can change. That tide can change overnight.

However, as of now the Vita doesn’t have that capability. Everything else regarding the games available has been bettered by the iPhone, and without the push from PS1 and PS2 games, the Vita will likely never prove to be the better gaming device because of a lack of content. It’s a sad, but clear and apparent truth.

Even then, it’s very close. The PS Vita has better gaming controls and is a better designed device specifically for gaming, even if the display has a lower resolution and is less visible in bright conditions. 5″ vs 3.5″ for a gaming screen is no comparison. The Vita beats the hell out of the iPhone when it comes to control, not only because it matches the touchscreen and has physical buttons and analog sticks, but because it combines both for gameplay and has the rear touch panel to boot. It really is a mobile game developer’s dream.

The iPhone 4S takes the cake in too many categories though. It kills the Vita with a better camera, at around double the battery life (for gaming, and way more for almost everything else), and carriers available for 3G. We all know that the rise and fall of portable game consoles has depended on battery life, and just as with the PSP this is a weakness with the Vita. Only this time, it’s weak against not a Nintendo offering, but against a very capable cell phone.

A few very close points are pricing and storage. If there were a new iPod Touch released with the A5 processor, then pricing would be a clear win for the iOS device. But as it stands now, the iPhone 4S is the only one available (the iPad 2 would lose in pricing because of it’s high $500 price tag), and the two-year contract cost far outweighs the potential pricing of the Vita, even the 3G model for $30/m. And with storage, on the high-end the Vita could win (assuming users purchased the 64GB card and 3G model), but because Sony is releasing the Vita with no internal memory, the result is confused consumers who must spend more money to do the console’s basic functions…like saving games and using downloadable apps. Even then, the storage pricing is still more expensive than all iPhone 4S models (with a 2-year contract) except for the 64GB model, and, once again, only if you get the Wi-Fi Vita.

Based on our scoring method for comparisons, the Vita could have easily won if it shipped with internal memory. External memory is always slower than internal memory, but until I hear back from Sony regarding the speed of their memory cards, that’ll remain a mystery. If the Vita were available through other cell carriers, or if it at least had AT&T’s 4G (HSDPA/HSPA+ 28.8Mbps), it would score better.

What I don’t doubt is that over time these scores will change. The Vita will eventually ship in bundles that are more price friendly and with some storage options. The next-gen iPhone will also likely ship with a new iPod Touch. By this time next year there will also be a handful of Android competitors, and tablet gaming will finally come into it’s own. But when the Vita releases, it will face the fiercest competition Sony has ever faced in the mobile space, from a device that isn’t going away anytime soon. The only way I can see Sony staying ahead is by utilizing it’s enormous catalog of PS1 and PS2 games, and by making prices of those games competitive so everyday iPhone gamers will actually be coaxed into buying a dedicated mobile games console instead of just living the one-device life.

Update~ As TheVerge just wrote, minutes before this article was published, the PS Vita now has a second launch bundle that’s the 3G model with an 8GB memory card, one free PSN game, and a month of free 3G data. That bundle is available for pre-order now through Amazon. Does it change our score?

Because the score is so damn close – not only is it 4-5, but it’s a point of contention in nearly every category – and because this new bundle offers a reasonable amount of storage for the console, it may indeed turn the tide.

As mentioned above, games is the most important thing, which is why I’m going to say that, in this case, the new bundle won’t change the winner in this comparison. However, our scoring system for comparisons is pretty clear cut. So I’ll leave this decision up to you guys. What do you think? Does this new bundle put the PS Vita ahead of the iPhone 4S? Post your thoughts in the comments below and, if the majority of you think we should change the score, we will.

James Pikover

Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

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  1. none of ios game can beat the vita,this ariticle just stupid,gaming console vs smart phone and the comparison just tell about camera,display etc.
    why dont u write about texting and phone call?
    u just looking from the smartphone aspect not ciparison in gaming xperience,thats why i call u applle stuid fanboy

  2. I remember when I got the Game Boy Color in the late 90s, so excited. Then in 2005 I got the DS, it was the first time I got something so soon after it was released. I played with that thing til 2007 when I got an iPod Nano…I could never afford $30 games. I returned to my DS in 2010 when my nano 3 gen broke. I used it until I could save enough for the iPod Touch which I bought in 2011. I don’t even know where I put my DS anymore…

    I like the portability and affordability of the games. I’m casual. I used to want a PSP well before the iPod Touch but ever since those came out, it was a no brainer.

  3. I am no expert, but I don’t lack sense.. No Game on the app market can beat a game on the vita. You think you will be able to enjoy all 30 games b4 more games are launched? Senseless.. Bonkers i say

  4. It’s amazing that in this days we can compare a mobile phone to a dedicated gameing console! That alone is a victory for mobile gaming I think. Now let’s start having more AAA games instead of the 99% casual crap!

  5. The fact that a Phone beat the vita in any category dealing with gaming says something about how great the vita is…. Not that great. My biggest thing is having internal memory and no expensive, ridiculous, outdated, as well as easy to lose, have stolen, break, get wet, and have virtually no warranty memory cards. PS3 came with a HDD that could be upgraded later on when storage technology became more advanced. If Sony would have followed that model and included internal storage with an option to upgrade with a memory card I would get a vita. I got tired of memory cards when the PS2 was around. Sure the PS3 isn’t a mobile console so it’s hard to make any comparison but that’s not what I’m doing. I’m comparing the philosophy of Internal memory as a selling point. Sony can keep their memory cards and vita and I’ll get an iphone for when I’m out and about. I don’t do mobile gaming anyway because of how Sony thinks of mobile devices. If anything at Home should be the place for any type of removable storage because you have more space. When I’m out and about I only have a couple pockets… Wallet, phone, cigarettes one pocket left and a ps vita isn’t taking that spot.

  6. What the?

    If this test really is about gaming, and not about comparing what product is most HYPED and overrated.

    The iPhone 4S should not be compared to a unit like the Vita, not like this.

    Its amuzing to read your final statement that the iPhone wins. Really had a laugh on that one, thanks for some good comic reading.

  7. The battery review is a bit iffy for gaming. Infinity blade burns through battery fast. So far from what I’ve experience for gaming the battery life is nearly the same.

  8. I’ve had my 1st Gen iPod Touch since the day it launched (2007). To this day, I still can’t get used to its shitty gaming touchscreen controls. I’ve tried and tried to get used to it. Doom 3, GTA, FPS, retro games. Nope. Yeah, they’re cheap but the controls are shit and they crash often (and who the hell enjoys playing games like Dead Space or GTA with your thumbs eating up a portion of the screen anyway?). I like mobile gaming a lot but it’s frustrating when trying to play bad ass games on a damn phone/media device. It just can’t cut it. I tested out a PS Vita and liked it a lot. BIG fucking difference. It felt like I was playing on an xbox or PS3 controller and the games look impressive for a portable. Sure, iPhones and the iTouch are good for texting, casual game apps, internet on the go, etc. but it falls flat on its face when it tries to pull it off with FPS, 3rd person, and even retro arcade ports for that matter.

  9. why are all the media trying to brainwash ppl that vita  sucks.i tried vita and its the dream machine that i already preorder.this is a guy who loves apple but vita is bought only for one reason that is to 3ds not iphonr u retard

  10. iphone is never gonna win in terms of gaming thats the fact
    but it was compared to iphone because people are gadgets freak right now
    not gaming freaks

  11. Yeah, the sheer number of app games for the iphone most of the time aren’t even worth the 99 cents. As for the Vita games where we are paying 40 dollars worth which for the most part are easily worth that price really throws the games reading in the long run on the Vitas side in terms of value & with that I am convinced that it is the better option. Plus there’s buttons & analogue sticks & touch screen options so that also really spikes the pick up & play value for a ton of people (even though I REALLY wish they’d make the UI workable with buttons like the PSP since it never had touch options which sorta deters the name a bit to me)

  12. this is garbage considering how you fail to see tht they r very different devices. how the fuck is an iPhone’s games better than a device MADE for gaming. i can see how u wud say tht the storage  is better but its stupid to say tht the games r better. ps vita will fuck up the iphone bad.

  13. I think you are ALL looking at it the wrong way.

    I know it’s hard to pull away from the fact that
    it is slated as a gaming device w/ 3G phone capability.
      But the Vita might be much more, and do more,
    than sport those ridiculous games.  Sony has been
    compatible with Lego NXT Mindstorm robotics, If that should
    become available with Vita, throw in some cable company-
    intelligent home technology, maybe some voice recognition thing you know, I’ll be watering my plants at home
    using bluetooth voice commands as I drive down the freeway,
     I can think of quite a bit more than just watering plants, 
    give me a year with that little vita, and I’ll be using NXT for
    some serious home automation.  It’s coming peoples,
    you really need to look at the bigger picture. 
    think of the possibilities, forget the games, that’s what
    playstation3’s and bravia xbr-hx929’s are for.

  14. Wow, I don’t even ………………this is like comparing a coffee warmer to a frying pan and which one cooks eggs better 

  15. No offense dude but you have no idea what your talking about

    Only the top 1 percent of IOS devs make 50 percent of the profit. That leaves alot of devs making nothing.

    The ios wouldnt beat the original Gameboy in terms of quality of games

    Infinite blade 2> are you kidding me? The game is a flaming piece of crap

  16. The irony of the camera comparison is that the iphone 4s is using a built in sony camera.  Secondly, I think this comparison is a bit ridiculous since the camera aspect should make up a smaller portion of the score, while the control aspect should make up more of the score , since the main comparison between the two comes down to gaming.

    I understand the iphone has a larger amount of games, however, most are casual games not meant for long play times.  Any dedicated gamer would choose the vita on the controls alone, as well as the fact it’s a dedicated system primarily for gaming.

    If anything, the iphone can take the win for overall functionality sake, but the vita should clearly win for the gaming aspect due to future 1st and 3rd party games and PS1 classics.  If your not comparing the 2 based on gaming, this is a comparison that should never have happened in the first place.  

  17. once the 
    next-generation dual-core 2.0 GHz Exynos 5250 or the 
    quad-core 1.5 GHz Exynos 4412  devices come out im afraid the vita and iphone 4s will be worth less

    1. Is that quad core processor going to cancel out the fact the vita is a dedicated gaming system with core games or the fact it has physical controls? What’s a faster processor going to do for ycou if there isn’t games to or physical controls to take advantage of it.  

      A lot of people don’t seem to realize the reason sony went with a arm A9 processor is that casual game developers will be familiar using it for iOS games, hence easier ports to the vita should they choose to port their game.

  18. Yes, you should change the score, As Sony are bundling the memory cards now, AND the iPhone/iPod touch have YEARS of extra dev tine. Sony computer entertaiment arent a mobile phone company, thats what ever sony call their phone devision after Erricson left, GAME in the UK are selling budles with memory cards as well. So yeah, you really need to chill out on the game side of things for now, and the bundles are coming with memory cards.

  19. I never had high hopes for a ‘console’ like the Vita, and that is simply because a phone can do all the same things and more, just because it’s a phone. There will always be more users and therefore more money in developing for it. Even the original PSP didn’t have much for games and that came around before the advent of Smartphones. Portable games are rarely 10 hour games, what is the real point in that if you can get a better 10 hour experience with an actual home console. The iPhone or any other phone hits the mark by supplying quick and mobile games while also retaining a small collection of longer games and multiplayer support, which is all you really need on the go. Nintendo’s hand helds are a perfect example of what it should be (Well not the new one, older ones.)

    1. But people i.e gamers want to be able to play a dedicated handheld on the go, sure you have an iPhone but that’s primarily meant for making calls, texting. Its not foremost a gaming device. Not everyone wants to play a 2-3 minute game using only a touch screen. 

      Also forget the comparison for a moment, I know iDevices have far more games but android devices are way more powerful and would blow the iPhone out of water with their specs. Nexus anyone.

  20. This is a joke right?
    A phone will never be better than a handheld system. Having only touch screen controls is an instant fail.
    What’s with all this retards thinking cell phone are better for gaming? Please just shut the F up, because you’re clearly not gamers.
    What’s next, a Prius is better than a ZR1 Corvette?

  21. Wow, how dumb is that…not a single real gamer in the world can believe your stupid comparison….with only one game, at launch, vita is killing the phone, and it’s not a surprise.

    by the way “ecause it comes storage to begin with and doesn’t attempt to cheat buyers out of more money for required data storage. ”   : you just forget that you have to pay (huge$$$) for your ridiculous 16, or 32 go…..dumb logic to choose 700+0£ for memory card, over 250 + 30$, or more, for larger than the biggest iphone.

  22. Somehow, in the “Games” section, you neglected to consider that the Vita can play hundreds of downloadable PSP games. That makes a big difference!

    1. That’s an excellent point, one that will be added in. However, the list of PSP titles is, sadly, pretty sparse (as a PSP owner I’ve always been disappointed with the selection). But you’re right, it does make a big difference.

        1. Unfortunately Vita won’t play PSOne classics, at least not yet. This is Vita’s biggest flaw in my opinion. Hopefully Sony will fix this soon!

      1. This is the dumbest thing you said.

        The psp has the second biggest and greatest library of games this gen.

        I am finding things every week to buy

        new suikoden, new shining

        those 2 games alone are better than 1000 ios games and have more depth

      2. Rather sparse?!!!!!  Compared with the PS2 or PS3 maybe, but it kicks the iPhone’s selection out of the water on any measure except quantity – and on that measure, the Wii won this home console generation’s gaming library, and only someone who’s borderline insane could argue that.

        There ain’t a game on iPhone like Valkyria Chronicles 2, or Resistance Retribution, or GT:Mobile… and so on.  Head on over to metacritic, and the best game on iPhone is World of Goo!  Which is an awesome game, but is hardly an example you’d use to suggest the selection on PSP is lacking).

        On the by, I’m not just backing the PSP/PSV here – same goes for DS/3DS. It’s a different gaming ecosystem.  Sure, there are crossovers, but the scale of the average experience on mobile is far less than on dedicated handheld.

  23. i think vita should have won because of the games, you gave the point to iPhone 4s, maybe they have heaps of apps in the app store, but that is all it has, apps, you cannot compair the 10 hours of gaming for a couple of games that last 2-3 minutes, OK so just say you buy uncharted, well that offers you 10 hours of gaming, and if you buy angry birds, you usallly play for 10 minutes, then get board and never play it again, so you would need 60 apps that cost money, to get 10 hours of gaming out of your iPhone, so that would at least cost 70-100 dollars, which cost more than uncharted golden abyss, which is the most expensive PS vita game out, so you would pay more, by playing 10 hours of apps on the iPhone than on a PS vita. so ps vita would win.

    1. That’s a fair point, but the iPhone has games that aren’t just 5-10 minute experiences. Games like Dead Space, GTA3, Infinity Blade, Rage, Real Racing, NOVA…those are just a few. The vast majority may be those simple, “mobile” games, and that may be 99% of iPhone games…but 99% of over 100,000 games means that there are 1,000 full-fledged games.

      Plus, sometimes those simple board or card games are better, depending on the situation. The iPhone offers it, and it’ll take some time before the Vita does, if ever. And then we’ll have to see if the pricing on, say, Scrabble, is competitive.

      1. you have no point dude

        Dead Space – shit

         GTA3 – worst port of the game and considered broken

         Infinity Blade – shit

        Rage – shit

        get the patter? 1000 full fledged games that are shit and broken and not even worth buying for 2 dollars

        1. you’ve never played a game on iphone 4 or 4s, if you did that, you would not talk that way…

          1. i should of been harder, the fact that after 5 months your responding to this makes you pathetic

        2. infinity blade and ib2 are awesome. i have both vita and an iphone4. the best exclusive games for iPhone are (IMO) HORN, and infity blade 1 and 2…lol now that i think of it those are the only quality ones i can think of…besides those “time wasters”. I’m sure the IOS market will be playing catch up for most of the time. there are games that can pass for being games but i dont imagine it will ever match the quality of a dedicated machine in terms of gameplay and focus. touch screen is awesome but in conjuction with buttons its much better.

      2. Infinity Blade 2 isn’t bad, but it’s a step down from God of War on PSP.  If the _best_ the iPhone has doesn’t quite match up to the best of the PSV’s predecessor (noting, which you didn’t, that the PSV can play the PSP’s digitally available back-catalogue – something of a large omission there – as well as I think downloadable PSOne games, although that’s possible yet to be confirmed), then arguing that the games library on iPhone trumps Vita is ridiculous.  I’m getting into mobile development, and doing some research into it at the moment, and there are multiple Vita launch games that trump the best the iPhone has to offer.

        The issue here is that a ‘high end’ iPhone game would struggle to be stand out in the PSP’s or even the Vita’s line-up (there’s nothing within kicking distance of Uncharted:GA or Wipeout, and as far as I can see nothing close to Unit 13 either).  The kind of people Sony’s pitching the Vita at don’t want to play 1000 shallow, unpolished cheap efforts and a few solid, average ones. They want quality interactive experiences that benefit from the latest developments in game design.  Even the best games on the iPhone are pretty derivative, or ports (and often bad ones) from other systems.  The Vita, on the other hand, will _launch_ with more quality IP than I can name on the iPhone.Another point you completely ignored was the capacity for online gaming on Vita – Wipeout will not only be playable online, but cross-platform.  I’m not sure how many iPhone racers can do that.  OK, I am ;).Also, when talking about the camera, you forgot to mention the 120fps – the Vita’s camera isn’t meant to replace your point-and-click, it’s meant to do AR.  The iPhone, on the other hand, might not be any good at AR (I’m unaware of any convincing applications) but is great for casual photography.

        1. I highly agree with you, he omitted all current PSN games downloadable psp games as well as PSone games that will be supported in the future.

  24. Why are you comparing a phone with the Vita?  The vita isn’t a camera phone or a smart phone, it is a gaming device and should be thought of in that context.  If you want to play angry birds then get the iphone.  If you want to play uncharted or first person shooters with 2 analog sticks and touch controls get the vita. 

    Most people want one or the other.  While I have an Iphone, I am also getting a vita because I enjoy playing real video games on a real video gaming platform.

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