Grand Theft AUto V Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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GTA V is a great game for anyone who owns the PS4 or Xbox One. This video game by rockstar north includes a high intensity story mode where various characters get into many different pickles, such as robbing a car or driving a getaway vehicle. The possibilities are endless with this game. If these open world types are too overwhelming to play, feel free to try out the transistor game, a futuristic turn based rpg or completely switch it up to a different style of adventure games like far cry 4 or infamous second son.

Why We Like It – Grand Theft Auto V Review

Rockstar games presents their fifth edition of the famous Grand Theft Auto series. This game has pushed the limits of the open world experience by offering a game that is enjoyed by simply roaming around the city of Los Santos causing havoc in the streets. Even more now, GTA online presents the opportunity to play new modes with players from all over the world. Play other top contenders like GTA V, the transistor game, or driveclub on our Best PS4 games.

  • Massive open world
  • New online game modes
  • First person shooter mode available
  • Slight Glitches


Aside from slight glitches in the game, grand theft auto v is still a significant game to play. It features multiple game modes that are updated seasonally to keep the game fresh while playing online. Now equipped with a first-person view, it is exciting to see all the action closer and helps give the game more of a realistic feel. Rockstar games also has other games such as red dead redemption, which features all the open world experience of GTA v but in an old-fashioned western setting. For some other open-world top-notch new releases, read our review on the best open-world games for the PS4 too.


The game takes place in the beautifully designed city of Los Santos, a massive open world where you can do pretty much anything you want, rest assured you pay the price for all actions performed. You can customize the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the weapons you use, the crimes you commit, which easily makes the game that much more enjoyable. There are even player game modes that you can make, which truly makes this a unique game that anyone should own. And if you’re looking for newer experiences with your PS4, make sure to check out the best PS4 games, 2014 editions.


GTA V is everything you want in a game, it includes a variety of ways to play. You can be stuck on the high intensity missions, or you can play with some friends online to the new game modes developers choose to release during that time. Even if all these features don’t interest you, the most simple activity I recommend is hijacking any car and cruise through Los Santos and be prepared to be entertained. This game is easily one of the best creations to date, and is a must-have for any console. You may as well compare it to other awesome games by reading our review on the best video games of 2014, why they are special, and where you can find them for yourself or for friends.

Grand Theft Auto V Review Wrap Up

GTA V has proved itself to be a game of a decade, by investing all interest in creating a massive open world for its players to create havoc as freely as possible. Now with a variety of modes to play with, the game is sure to stay interesting every time you roam online thanks to the various updates developers created for us. And for other options and a variety of cool games, make sure to check out the best games on Xbox live too, if only for comparisons.

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