Grand Theft Auto 4 Leaked On Bit Torrent

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Updated June 27, 2022

GTA 4 Leaked

First and foremost, I don’t endorse downloading or trying to download a pirated copy of Grand Theft Auto 4. Why? A few reasons:

  1. The game is a mere 6 days away from release
  2. It’s a 6.32 GB file
  3. You may not get the full or complete game, which would just ruin the experience
  4. You can’t play it onlne
  5. And, it’s just 6 days away!

Now the reason you’re reading this post.  According to Kotaku, at 11:50am Geenwich time, a PAL (not NTSC) version of Grand Theft Auto 4 was distributed to various torrent sites.  You’ll have to download the game, burn it, and have a modded Xbox 360 to play it.  Furthermore, you’ll wanna unplug your Xbox from Live since Rockstar will be looking for you.

Good luck!

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