Garmin Swim Monitors Laps so You Don’t Have to

Garmin has long provided workout data to runners and just about any one that performs rigorous (or not) excercise on land. But one category they’ve long failed to cover, is those that submerge themselves in that cool liquid called water, better known as a pool.  That is until now.

The Garmin Swim allows swimmers to automatically keep tabs on their workouts and drills in real time without having to push buttons or tap a screen in between their strokes.  Using what is presumably some sort of accelerometer technology, the Garmin Swim can track a swimmer’s lengths, strokes, distance, pace and apparently much more.   All they simply need to do is enter in the length of the lane they’re swimming in and the Garmin Swim can perform autonomously.

Garmin has designed the Swim such that it doesn’t interfere with a swimmer’s drag by crafting what they’re calling a low profile frame.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t complete with options, as the Swim has 6 buttons adorned to its light weight body, and even boasts a 1-year battery life – which mind you is user replaceable.  There are even dual times zones and an alarm for those that want to wear the Garmin Swim beyond the pool.

And when swimmers have completed a workout, they can wirelessly connect the Garmin Swim to their computer and upload the data to Garmin’s Connect website.  There they can compare stats with other swimmers and keep tabs on their progress over the course of time allowing them to tweak their workouts and find that much needed motivation to return to the pool.

The Garmin Swim is available now from Garmin for $149.99.

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