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Evolution studios has created a racing game that is a great game for anyone that is a fan of fast cars, and lovely atmospheres. The plus edition for this game is included for playstation plus players, which would’ve been a sweeter deal if it still had its online capabilities. Players can cruise through a variety of beautiful courses that showcase an astounding atmosphere with the location of the race. This racing game along with other creations, such as the transistor game made our list of Best PS4 Games. For many racing fans, Driveclub is one of the best video games out there.

Why We Like It – Driveclub Review

Driveclub is an intense vivid racing experience for a fraction of the cost of leading racing games. It features a variety of new cars that you can choose from. You most definitely might find your dream car here and drive it in first person view with an accurate interior to match. The modes in this game includes a single player, and local multiplayer. Sadly, the game has shut down their online servers so there is a significant chunk that is not available anymore, but it is still worth a try.

  • Vivid colorful atmosphere
  • Massive selection of cars
  • Local Multiplayer
  • Online Servers Down


This video game plays pretty much like all other racing games nowadays. The game features a third person, and first person point of view to give players a couple of options for views during the race. Aside from views, the game initially had a drive club, which was a way for drivers to create clubs online and gained experience completing challenges. Since the release date, online servers have had enough problems that they now have concluded online servers for the game which is a heavy loss. Regardless, the game still plays smoothly as it was designed, and is quite a steal for any driving game enthusiast or gamer on a budget. If you’re looking for other deals on different kinds of games, look no further than the transistor game, or Far Cry 4

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The next gen consoles have allowed this project to flourish well at 30 fps, which makes it a great game for the graphics it provides. In addition, you can customize your cars to look exactly how you want, a common feature of racing games. There are a variety of unlockables that keep you playing the game as usual. The local multiplayer still allows us to play our nearby competition for a close up gloating opportunity after a win. Finally, during the race players will awe over the variety of terrains available to race in. Racing games are easy to learn, but when the laps get old and you crave a different type of thrill you may want to try out infamous second son, a game about a city that despises superheros.

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While all online features have been lost in this game for all users, including PS plus, this game is still a hidden gem for any racing game lovers. The beautiful crisp images in this game puts you right behind the wheel of your favorite vehicle. With features such as local multiplayer, accurate weather effects, and realistic tracks, this game is still worth buying if you want to take a journey through this experience for half the expense of the leading racing games.

Driveclub Review Wrap Up

Driveclub is a great game for anyone that wants a fresh racing game with new cars, and less cost. There might be a slight chance that the online servers come back, making this a sleeper product if it does indeed return. But for now, you can race against friends in your fully customized whip of your dreams.

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