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For all you phone photographers out there, DMD Clone by Dermander is now a free download, but for a limited time! The fully automated cloning camera app doesn’t require manual adjustments or preset frames. All you do is shoot your subject and enjoy! It features up to seven pictures (manual/timer, rear/front camera and flash/torch), unlimited number of moving elements and no need to use a mask since the moving element can be anywhere. You’ll get instantaneous results and when you’re finished, you can remove useless moving elements by tapping on them. There’s also a built-in stabilization so you don’t need to stand perfectly still while shooting the  picture. And of course, you can share your photo on social networks like Facebook and Twitter or open it in your favorite app to re-edit anything.

To use the app, simply take a minimum of three pictures and shoot a moving element over a fixed background. But it’s wise to avoid too much overlap. Then when you’re done simply tap on finished then remove any moving element with a tap. If you want to bring it back again, just give it another tap. If you want to remove all the moving elements, double-tap on the background (bring them back if you change your mind with another double-tap).

dmd clone app

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