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Does Windows 10 Really Destroy Your Privacy?

You might have heard that Windows 10 is a “privacy nightmare.” People are angry! People are refusing to upgrade… well, OK, whenever there’s a new version of Windows, people always refuse to upgrade for whatever reason, but this time it’s privacy. But how much of it is internet terror, and how much of it is worth worrying about?

Keep It Private

The main issue is Cortana, Windows’ new assistant. Cortana logs your voice, your handwriting, your location, contacts, calendar… well, it is an assistant. Combine that with a tool that tracks how you type to finish autocomplete, which sounds a lot like a keylogger to some people, and a lot of people are freaking out. It doesn’t help that you’ve got a lot of the standard issues with any new system, like privacy settings on a browser, or that Windows updates are not optional anymore.

The biggest problem is really that Microsoft has configured everything to opt-out, not opt-in. So essentially, if you’re worried about your privacy, you have to go through, open up every window and configure all the settings yourself.



The moral of the story really boils down to not trusting tech companies to protect your privacy. There’s too much money in violating it. But really, you should anticipate this by now. If you want to upgrade, upgrade without worrying; just be sure to tweak your settings.

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