7 Best Watch Box Organizers in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

After taking all of the above into account, we believe that the Glenor Co watch box is the best watch box organizer you can buy today. This luxury watch box features a woven carbon fiber textured exterior that sets it apart from much of the competition. Plus it can store up to 12 watches and is easy to open or close with one hand.

To determine the best watch box organizer, we considered the following features: watch storage, capacity, interior lining, design, and additional storage. We knew that many people want a watch box that can store more than just watches — but that they might own watches with oversized faces. We also considered the interior lining as well as the design for people who want a box that doubles as a decor piece. Keep reading to learn more about the rest of our top picks.

Top 7 Best Watch Box Organizer

 #1  Glenor Co Watch Box Organizer


WHY WE LIKE IT: A luxury watch box with a sleek woven carbon fiber texture design sets this particular organizer apart from the standard fare available on the market.

  • Exterior finished in a unique woven texture
  • Holds up to 12 watches
  • Easily open or close the box with one hand
  • Only features dedicated storage for watches

If you do a quick search online for watch box organizers, and you’ll quickly find that the majority of the top contenders all look the same. And even in our guide, the bulk of them feature a leather (or faux leather) exterior with white topstitching. It’s a classic option, but it’s also incredibly common. So, that’s why we picked this luxury watch box from Glenor Co as our Top Pick.

Instead of going for the tried and true leather with topstitching look, this pick features a sturdy carbon fiber woven texture exterior that looks luxe. You’ll also get 12 individual watch compartments — each with a faux leather wrapped pillow to help your watch keep its shape. Each compartment can accommodate watches with faces up to 51 millimeters in diameter. And we liked that this specific organizer can be easily opened or closed with one hand so you don’t spend five minutes fumbling to pry open your watch box. The next stop is the best online watch store to fill your box.

 #2  Hauterow Watch Box Organizer


WHY WE LIKE IT: This modern watch box features two levels of storage with dedicated drawers for watches, sunglasses, jewelry, and more.

  • Best quality
  • Includes dedicated storage for watches, jewelry, sunglasses, and other items
  • Secret valet drawer compartment
  • Some people may not like that this is faux leather

A simple watch box that can only accommodate watches might be okay for some people. But if you also want a safe space to store rings or sunglasses, then you’re going to keep looking. We included this pick from Hauterow as our Best Quality because it is one of only two options in our guide (the other being #7) that includes an additional storage drawer.

This modern watch box features a top-level with 12 dedicated compartments for your watches. Each slot is lined in velvet and comes with a padded faux leather-wrapped pillow. And each slot is two inches wide to accommodate larger watch faces. But in the discrete lower drawer, you get a removable storage tray that can be used to hold rings, jewelry, your keys, or even the spare change from your pockets. Or maybe you prefer to store your electronics like your phone in the bottom tray.

 #3  Cas De’Lux Watch Box Organizer


WHY WE LIKE IT: A classically designed faux leather watch box with an impressive 24 slots for serious collectors to securely store their investments.

  • Sleek design and comes with a microfiber dust cloth
  • Largest watch capacity in our guide for 24 watches
  • Sturdy lock to keep items secure
  • Lacks dedicated storage for anything other than watches
  • Cushions may be too large and stretch out leather bands

Some people are watch collectors. And if this sounds familiar, a traditional watch box organizer that’s designed to store up to 12 watches may not be enough. We included this Cas De’Lux watch box because it features the largest storage option for watches in our guide. With 24 dedicated slots, this is a solid faux leather watch box option for more serious watch collectors.

Each slot is lined with velvet along with a velvet-covered pillow to help you maintain the shape of your watch. This is also a great unisex option that could also double as a jewelry box for bracelets. Plus, you can remove the dividers, which gives you the freedom to customize your sections and create the perfect storage for you. And this will come in handy as this watch box lacks additional storage for anything other than watches. Still, this box would be the perfect place to keep your best watches.

 #4  Sodynee Watch Box Organizer


WHY WE LIKE IT: A simple watch box with the classic faux leather and topstitched design is a great gift with plenty of storage for up to 12 watches.

  • Size is perfect for placing on vanities
  • Holds up to 12 watches with included pillows
  • Classic faux leather with white top stitching design
  • Lacks additional dedicated storage for other items
  • Dividers are not removable

Whether you’re trying to find a great graduation, Father’s Day, birthday or Christmas gift, you can’t go wrong with something as classic as a watch box organizer — especially if you know the receiver is building a watch collection. This straightforward watch box features 12 dedicated slots for watches and can accommodate watch faces as wide as 51 millimeters.

While this is a no-frills option, we do like that the interior and the included cushions are lined in velvet to prevent damaging your watches. The only drawback with this watch box is that the dividers are not removable. So, there’s no ability to create dedicated storage for anything other than watches.

 #5  ADTL 3-Layer Watch Box Organizer


WHY WE LIKE IT: A watch box organizer with three layers of storage gives you a large amount of space to house watches, sunglasses, jewelry and other small items.

  • Includes two additional drawers for additional items
  • Top layer features 12 slots for watches
  • Comes with an eyeglasses repair tool kit and cleaning cloth
  • Only the top portion locks

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for not just watches but the rest of your jewelry, we think this pick from ADTL is your best bet. It features the most additional storage for items other than watches. Specifically, you’ll get a top row that can accommodate up to 12 watches — each in a dedicated slot.

But the middle drawer can fit six sunglasses while the bottom drawer features six separate compartments with the two middle compartments designed to store earrings and rings. We liked that the dividers in this watch box organizer are removable so you can customize this case to fit your needs. Plus the sleek black finish makes this a great solution for both men and women. Such a sleek box would be the perfect place to store your best luxury watches.

 #6  NEX 6 Slot Leather Watch Box Organizer


WHY WE LIKE IT: A great starter option with six dedicated slots for watches makes this the perfect option for the budding watch collector. Plus a small footprint, which makes it a great choice for small countertops.

  • Great for beginning collectors
  • 6 dedicated watch slots
  • Stores watch with faces ranging from 30 – 50mm
  • Lacks additional storage for rings and the like

Maybe you’ve finally decided to start wearing watches — but where to keep them? If you’re just starting your watch journey, some of the larger organizers in our guide might be more space than you need. In that case, this Best on a Budget pick from Nex is a great solution. With six dedicated slots for your watches, you can get your feet wet in the world of watch collecting without investing in storage that overwhelms your bedside table or vanity.

The interior and each watch pillow is lined in velvet to protect your new investments. And you’ll like that each slot can accommodate watches as large as 50 millimeters. As is common, this watch box organizer features the tried and true faux leather with white topstitching design. Another nice feature is that opposed to many of the other watch boxes, this one comes with real glass in the lid as opposed to plexiglass.

 #7  Autoark Leather 6 Watch Box Organizer


WHY WE LIKE IT: A dual-level watch box organizer with multifunctional storage for watches, sunglasses, or even jewelry, with a sleek dual-level design.

  • Sleek dual-level design
  • Includes storage for up to 9 sunglasses
  • Store 6 watches on the top level
  • Watch compartments may be limiting for someone with a bigger collection

A taller watch box with a hidden valet drawer is a huge draw for many people. So, we wanted to include this option from Autoark because they divide the storage in their watch box between watches and sunglasses. Just like there are watch collectors out there, some people have a serious love affair with sunglasses.

We liked that this watch box comes with six dedicated slots for watches and nine for sunglasses. At the top level, you’ll get the six watch slots along with three sunglass slots. And the remaining six sunglass slots are in the discrete drawer. As is common, the interior is lined in velvet with six removable velvet watch pillows in the top compartment. However, keep in mind that some oversized watch faces may not fit comfortably in the slots unless you store them without the pillow.

How We Decided

Whether you’re a collector or just want to spruce up your bedroom, a watch box organizer is a great storage solution that has tabletop or shelf appeal. To create our guide we focused on the following core features — watch storage, capacity, interior lining, design, and additional storage.

Watch storage may sound self-explanatory, but not all watch boxes are designed to accommodate watches with oversized faces. In our research, only our #7 pick was limited in this capacity and couldn’t accommodate larger watches such as the popular G-Shock series. The rest of our picks are designed to accommodate watches with faces up to 50 millimeters in diameter.

Capacity and storage are two other major factors — and not just for watches. If you only care about how many watches you can store, then our #3 pick is the smartest choice with the ability to hold up to 24 watches at once. But if you want a multifunctional watch box that can store more than just watches, we recommend our Honorable Mention/Best Quality and #7 since both of these models featured not just watch storage, but additional space for sunglasses, jewelry, or other items and came with an additional hidden drawer.

All of the picks in our guide featured an interior lining, whether it was faux leather or the classic velvet. In terms of design, the most common option was a minimalist faux leather exterior with white topstitching. Four of our six picks had this design aesthetic. But our Top Pick and Honorable Mention featured a woven carbon fiber exterior for a sleeker option.

Best Watch Box Organizer Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Timepiece Compatibility
    Most watch box organizers (also known as watch box cases) are designed to store watches with a more traditional watch face — regardless of whether they’re analog or digital faces. So, it’s important to keep this in mind as more people are wearing smartwatches with unique watch face shapes.
  2. Watch Storage
    At its core, a watch box is designed to do the obvious — safely store your watches. But do you want each watch to have a separate compartment, or are you okay with a watch bar where you can store several watches on a single padded roll? The choice is a personal one, but it’s important to keep in mind as you shop for a watch box.
  3. Capacity
    If you only own one or two watches, you might not care about the total capacity of your watch box. But if you own several watches, ensuring that all of them can fit in the case without touching each other is going to be important.
  4. Interior Lining
    If you’re buying a watch box, the assumption is that you want to protect your investments — especially by ensuring that the watch face or bands don’t get scratched. So, look for options lined in velvet to prevent any accidental damage.
  5. Additional Storage
    Some watch boxes also serve as valet trays, giving you additional storage to house items like jewelry, your wallet, or even larger items (depending on the size of the box). If you do wear other jewelry or plan to keep your watch box on your bedside table or a nearby vanity, then that additional storage can come in handy.
  6. Design
    While historically watch boxes have been considered a man’s accessory, their utilitarian purpose makes them a great unisex option for anyone who wants to keep their valuables in a safe place. Depending on your aesthetic, you can find watch boxes that cater to a range of styles in a variety of colors and finishes.

Watch Box Organizer FAQs

Should you keep watch boxes?

If you’re thinking that you might sell your watch in the future, keeping the original box it came in is a smart choice. But it’s not necessary to keep the original box if you invest in a quality watch box organizer.

What is a watch roll?

A watch roll is a lot like it sounds, a sturdy roll usually lined in canvas, velvet, or sometimes leather where you fasten your watches to store them when not in use to help ensure that the bands keep their shape. While this is a great way to keep your watches organized, a watch box organizer can go the extra mile by offering 360-degree protection against scratches or dust when you’re not wearing your watch.

What are the best watch boxes?

The best watch box should be able to safely store your watches or other valuables without scratching them. In our guide, we nominated the Glenor Co watch box organizer as our Top Pick because we felt the luxe woven carbon fiber textured exterior and 12 watch slots made it a solid choice that will look good on any bedside table or vanity.

Where do you put your watch at night?

There are a range of options here. You could leave it on your bedside table, in a valet tray, or for the most protection, store it in a watch box organizer.
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