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27 of the Best iPhone 5 Retina Wallpapers (list)

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Updated November 29, 2021

Now that the iPhone 5 (and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+) has a larger Retina display, you’ll need to find some better wallpapers that will pop! We’ve compiled a few of the best iphone 5 wallpapers that are all Retina-ready and stunning to look at. And, if you want a list of more great recommendations, check out our best iPhone list.

27. Boy/Girl Sweethearts

This cute wallpaper features a boy and girl in black silhouette, each holding something the other likes.

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26. Green Camouflage

Are they leaves or the print you’d find on a some Army camouflage clothes…? Either way, it’s still a cool wallpaper!

25. Astronaut on Fire

It’s not everyday you come across an astronaut on fire walking down the street, which is what gives this wallpaper its cool factor.

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24. Red Chain Gangsters

Upgrade your phone’s coolness with this red gangster chain wallpaper that oozes fierceness!