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What features make the best gaming headsets for kids? It starts with excellent sound quality and dynamic balance so that the headset can deliver detailed audio at volume levels safe for children’s eardrums. Next, the best headset options for kids should feature ergonomic designs with built-in adjustments for maximum comfort.

An adjustable headband for over-the-ear headphones helps ensure an adequate fit during fast-growing years. Finally, along with audio quality and comfort, the top-ranked kids’ gaming headsets have a durable, lightweight design that can hold up well to daily use.

Mobile and PC games for kids increasingly come with audio options, meaning you might want to invest in a good headset for kids rather than using built-in device speakers and microphones. Kids may prefer to use a headset that fits more easily, and younger kids might find that adult headsets are too large to work properly.

Keep reading to learn more about the top-performing best headsets for gamers and how to pick the best gaming headset for kids.

Top Gaming Headsets for Kids

 #1  Pacrate H-11 G


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset has powerful 40mm drivers and delivers surround sound for an immersive game experience. It has a green and black palette with lighting to enhance the ambiance in the game room.

  • Excellent ambiance lighting
  • Powerful 40mm drivers
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Heavy bass can be distracting

The Pacrate H-11 gaming headset is a versatile model compatible with PCs and several gaming consoles. This device has a 3.5mm port for plug-and-play connectivity to devices. Kids will love the LED lights on this model that provide a good ambiance in the gaming room. The device has a USB interface to tap the power needed for the lights. This gaming headset produces vibrant sounds with 40mm audio drivers and advanced audio settings. However, the heavy bass on this unit can be distracting in some situations.

This Pacrate system delivers a surround sound experience, providing a truly immersive gaming experience. The device features a noise-canceling mic for enhancing in-game communication. This gaming headset has a brilliant green and black color scheme that will add visual interest to any workstation. With a padded headband and soft earpads, this device is comfortable to use. It provides a firm fit, which is ideal for children and teenagers.

 #2  Somic G951s Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset has decorations on the headband and is available in three adorable colors that will appeal to kids. With a self-adjusting beam and leather ear cushions, the device is comfortable to use.

  • Adorable design with headband decor
  • Flexible noise-canceling mic
  • Powerful auditory performance
  • Average sound quality

The Somic G951s gaming headset has an adorable design with a gorgeous color scheme to add charm and flair to the gaming room. This device is available in pink, black, and blue colors, so it’s ideal for a variety of people. With a noise-canceling microphone, this device captures sounds easily and will suit people in communal offices. It has decorations on the headband that will appeal to kids. Featuring high-quality 40mm speakers, this device delivers strong sounds. However, the sound quality is low compared to similar headsets.

With in-line controls, this device allows users to adjust the volume and mute the mic with a touch of a button. This Somic headset has a 3.5mm plug, so it connects easily to computers, mobile devices, and a number of consoles. The mic is flexible, allowing 360-degree adjustment for convenience. This headset has leather ear cushions for comfort. A self-adjusting beam is especially suitable for women and kids. This headset is lightweight and skin-friendly, providing comfort.

 #3  Nivava K6 Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset has built-in RGB lightning that will bring glamor and fun to game encounters. This device provides refined sounds even at high-volume settings with 50mm audio drivers and a noise-canceling microphone.

  • Exquisite RGB lighting
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Super audio rendering
  • Sound bleeds into the microphone

This Nivava K6 gaming headset brings powerful sounds and lights to the gaming setup. This headset has a glowing earcup with RGB lights that will provide a good ambiance during gaming. With high-quality 50mm speakers, this device delivers loud, refined sounds for communicating with other players. This headset has cozy earmuffs and an adjustable headband that provide comfort. However, some sound bleeds through the mic at very high volume settings.

The headset supports 3D surround sound for an engaging experience. This gaming headset has rubberized ear cushions for easy cleaning. It has a noise-canceling mic that refines the user’s voice for clarity. The microphone supports 90-degree rotation, so users can get it out of the way when needed. This headset has a 3.5mm plug for connecting to a wide variety of devices, including PCs and tablets.

 #4  BlueFire 8541665942 Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This BlueFire headset has a self-adjusting head beam that provides a comfortable fit. The device has a flexible, noise-canceling mic and a 6.8-foot cord that are ideal for gameplay, class, and movies.

  • Stylish design
  • Flexible noise-canceling mic
  • Self-adjusting head beam
  • Too small for large kids

Specially designed for kids, the BlueFire 8541665942 gaming headset features an adorable design with wide appeal. This device has a 3.5mm plug that is compatible with computers, consoles, and mobile devices. Featuring a high-precision 40mm drive, this device delivers clear sounds without causing sound leaks to the microphone. It has a noise-canceling mic that will suit users in noisy environments. However, this device is uncomfortable for larger kids.

This gaming headset is lightweight and has a skin-friendly leather ear cushion for comfort. With a self-adjusting head beam, this device is simple to use for kids. With a long 6.8-foot cord, the headset offers users a measure of flexibility and mobility, making it a good choice for connecting to TVs. This device has in-line mic and volume controls for easy adjustment. The mic is flexible and swivels 120 degrees, allowing users to take it out of the way when needed.

 #5  Kikc PS-4 Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset has an aggressive design with brilliant colors that will complement any game rig. The headband has a retractable design, which is easy to adjust.

  • Outstanding, colorful design will appeal to teens
  • Retractable headband
  • Breathable ear cushions
  • Ear pads are small for larger ears

The Kikc PS-4 gaming headset is the device of choice for consoles such as Nintendo 3DS and PS4. This gaming headset has an aggressive design with a unique Kikc logo that will appeal to hardcore gaming teens. It’s available in orange and blue color schemes, offering near-universal appeal. This gaming headset has high-quality 40mm speakers, delivering great sounds. With a unique retractable headband, this device offers intuitive adjustment. However, the ear pads are small and may not be comfortable for larger teens.

This headset has breathable ear pads with great head dissipation for comfort. The headset swivels 120 degrees, allowing users to take it away from their mouth when needed. This mic is very sensitive and captures sounds from all directions. With an inline wheel, this headset allows users to adjust the volume and mute the mic easily. The cord attached to the headset has a reinforced design for durability.

 #6  Butfulake Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset has a low-resistance headband, so it’s unlikely to apply undue pressure to a child’s head. This device is ideal for young children and teenagers with a flexible headband and adjustable ear pads.

  • Gorgeous design
  • Adjustable earmuffs
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • So-so build quality

The Butfulake gaming headset is a wired model designed for kids. The headset has an adorable pink color scheme that will appeal to children. Thanks to a 3.5mm plug, this device is compatible with Macs, Windows computers, and a selection of mobile devices. It has noise isolation tech, which refines the user’s voice for excellent in-game chatting. It has Surround Sound, offering a 3D auditory experience. With adjustable earmuffs, this device fits both younger and older children. However, this device is made from cheap materials and is prone to breaking.

Featuring breathable cushions, this headset enables fast heat dissipation for comfort. The gaming headset has 50mm drivers that deliver solid sounds. Weighing just 225g, this device is lightweight, supporting comfortable use by kids. Featuring a low-resistance headband, this headset is unlikely to apply a lot of pressure on the child’s head. With in-line cushions, this device allows users to mute the mic and control the volume easily. It has a flexible headband that enables folding the headset for space-saving storage.

Beginners Guide to Gaming Headsets for Kids

What Are Gaming Headsets for Kids?

Gaming headsets for kids consist of earphones and usually an integrated microphone designed for video games. They are similar to other headsets for gaming, except that they’re generally smaller and come in various size options. Higher-end models sometimes offer specialized features like a flexible microphone, highly-adjustable or flexible headband, and active noise cancellation. Some models may have additional adjustments that make them great headsets for people with glasses.

Gaming Headsets for Kids vs. Gaming Headphones

Compared to gaming headphones in general, kids’ headsets come in more varied sizes and sometimes offer increased flexibility. Moreover, you’ll find great flexibility with gaming headphones without a mic and even on the top-rated Sony gaming headsets.

The same features that help define gaming headsets, in general, may be found on kids’ gaming headsets. Like other headsets, those designed for kids can feature earbuds or an over-the-ear headset design. They typically include an integrated microphone, though some options leave the microphone and pair of headphones separate.

As with adult versions, there are wireless gaming headsets as well as wired headsets for kids. Some models support both wired and wireless mode operation. And, whether you have a wireless or wired headset, they all work great with a high-end headset stand.

How Gaming Headsets for Kids Work

Gaming headsets for kids connect to a game console, mobile device, or PC using a wired or wireless connection such as Bluetooth 5.0 and transmit sound from the device through the headset’s earphones. Most such headsets use a built-in mic to capture voice sounds for video games that support two-way audio. Some models offer sound options specifically for kids’ more sensitive hearing. These options include an expanded frequency range and custom volume limits.

Wired headphones connect to a console, PC, laptop, or mobile device using a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack or USB cable, while wireless gaming headsets for kids generally connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

As with adult gaming headsets and the best headphones for VR, kids’ gaming headsets usually employ some degree of active noise cancellation.

Why You Should Buy a New Gaming Headset for Kids

Audio quality is important for gaming on various platforms, and all ages and kids’ games are no exception. There are some unique requirements for kids’ gaming headsets, though. Newer, top-rated gaming headsets for kids offer a comfortable fit for a wide range of head sizes, and detachable cables, and may have volume-limited settings.

A new kids’ gaming headset can help when playing multiplayer games, allowing for a better gaming experience. You might also want to consider a new headset for kids so that kids’ gaming sounds don’t disturb the rest of the family.

Compared to older gaming headsets for kids, newer models have more sophisticated audio controls and offer features like virtual surround sound. They also have improved mic performance.

New wireless headset options come with improved battery life and updated multi-platform compatibility. Some gaming headphones today advertise up to 24-hour battery life.

Is a Gaming Headset for Kids Worth Buying?

New Multiplayer Games: If your kids are just getting into multiplayer games with voice and sound features, a new gaming headset might save a few headaches for the whole family. Gaming headsets that fit properly allow for maximum comfort and better sound quality, and they tend to be easier and more convenient to use than separate microphones.

Preserving Quiet for Other Kids: A quality headset with kids’ headphones allows for playing a game at medium volume without disturbing everyone else in the house. This can be helpful if you have kids of different ages so that one child’s game won’t create a noisy environment that interferes with another kid’s homework.

Outgrowing Current Pair of Headphones: If your kids’ current headset is getting too small, you might want to choose a new, more comfortable headset with an adjustable headband and flexible mic. Most of the top-rated gaming headsets for kids come with enough adjustability for a wide range of head sizes.

New Gaming Platform: A newer wireless or wired headset for kids might be a great choice when you’ve picked up a new game console or if your kids are switching to a different gaming platform. Along with differences in audio quality and microphone performance, you might find that different models have better console compatibility.

Why Gaming Headsets for Kids Might Not Be For You

Concerns About Screen Time: Many parents have concerns about the amount of screen time kids get, and it might seem like dedicated gaming peripherals, such as a comfortable headset with a flexible microphone, will encourage an unhealthy level of screen time. However, the top-rated gaming headsets for kids come with features like a companion app with mute controls and a volume-limiting setting that helps keep kids’ ears safe from loud sounds.

Using Wireless Earbuds: Kids can use most types of regular wireless headphones for gaming, but a gaming-focused wired or low-latency wireless headset for kids may still have key advantages. Gaming models do a better job of canceling background noise, which means kids won’t have to turn them up to maximum volume; this is less annoying and helps preserve kids’ eardrums.

Alternatively, there are plenty of headphone brands for children, including Corsair gaming headsets and Turtle Beach gaming headsets.

How Long Will Gaming Headsets for Kids Last?

Gaming headsets for kids have a similar life expectancy to other types of gaming headsets. Their actual lifespan varies depending on the type, use case, and product quality. The only difference with kids’ headphones is that kids may outgrow them.

Wired and wireless headphones and integrated microphones last from two to five years on average. A wired gaming headset will usually last longer since the batteries won’t wear out. Wired models with detachable cables can also have increased durability since they’re designed to withstand gaming uses.

Wireless gaming headphones tend to wear out a little sooner. Current models have exceptional battery life compared to older wireless earphones, but their rechargeable batteries are still limited to around 500-1500 charge cycles. As they age, you may notice they have fewer hours of battery life.

The wireless units can wear out over time on Bluetooth headphones and other wireless gaming headphones. Wireless connection standards also change frequently, and older wireless gaming headsets may not support the latest protocols. You might want a model with Bluetooth 5.0 or later for more longevity.

Kids can be hard on electronics, and gaming use, in particular, takes a toll on components like speaker diaphragms, memory foam pads, and audio cable connectors. Among wired headsets, a braided cable can boost durability.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Headsets for Kids

Various factors can help you decide on the best gaming headsets for kids. When picking out a gaming headset, consider the kids’ ages, the types of games, the types of gaming platforms, and whether the headset will also be for uses like music, remote schooling, and watching video content.

If you need help troubleshooting your kid’s headset, then you’ll have to read our guide to figuring out why there’s audio on 1 side of the gaming headset.

Best Gaming Headset for Kids FAQs

Why is a headset for kids important?

Compared to the typical adults’ headset, kids’ gaming headsets may offer a more comfortable fit. Even more importantly, headphones for kids use features that make them safer for kids’ ears. They may have different compression and adjustable settings that let you limit volume to preserve kids’ hearing.

Are any headphones safe for kids to use while gaming?

Specially-designed kids headphones have adjustable maximum volume settings and high-end models have wider frequency curves, letting kids hear sound effects and dialog clearly at medium volume. Together, these features help protect kids from the potentially eardrum-damaging effects of very loud sounds from headphone speakers.

What is the recommended limit for kids’ headphone volume?

The world health organization recommends 85dB as a volume limit for kids. For this reason, may kids’ headphones allow you to limit the volume to 85dB. Kids’ hearing may be more sensitive than adults,’ so keep this in mind when shopping for headphones.

What should you look for in a gaming headset for kids?

In general, experts suggest looking for headphones with a volume limit of around 85dB, plus a soft headband and plenty of adjustability. Top-rated kids’ headsets can offer a custom volume limit feature. To help prevent irritation, you might want to look for breathable materials and a flexible headband.

How much time can kids spend on headphones?

Some experts suggest a 2-hour daily headphones limit for kids and pre-teens. The US CDC doesn’t issue age-specific guidelines for headphone use but recommends daily average noise exposure limits of around 70 dB. Most noise exposure health data comes from occupational studies of adults, not kids, however.

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