How Do I Make My Gaming Headset Microphone Louder?

Updated: Jan 3, 2024 5:33 PM
Difficulty Easy
Steps 3
Time Required Varies by method
Tools Needed Compatible Gaming Headset, Gaming Console, Gaming PC, MacBook Computer, Mouse

When you begin using a gaming headset, you may want to know how do I make your gaming headset microphone louder. The answer remains relatively simple for each gaming console and computer as long as you are familiar with the software and Bluetooth or cable connectivity for quality microphone volume.

Key Takeaways_

  • To adjust the volume of your microphone on a PC or Mac, you need to go into your computer’s settings and sound settings icon.
  • If you use a PlayStation console, you need to find the settings option and then audio devices.
  • For Xbox, select “Profile & System,” followed by Settings.

The best gaming headset also provides an adjustable microphone that should be close to your mouth, though you may need to adjust it or the mode being used. To understand how gaming headsets work, check out our other article.

How to Make Gaming Headset Microphone Louder

When figuring out how to increase your microphone’s volume on different software, you should first understand how to access the settings menu for sound settings. Then, you will have to select your input device before adjusting the microphone level in the levels tab for noise software. Also, read our article on how to configure a 7.1 headset for gaming to ensure you get the most out of your headset.

insider tip

Ask your fellow gamers if you aren’t sure if your microphone level is appropriate.

If you forget to switch to your headset’s microphone, you may only adjust the volume of the device’s built-in model. To learn more about gaming headsets, read “how do you make a gaming headset?

PC Gaming Method

STEP 1 Navigate to sound settings

  • Enter your Start menu (Windows logo)
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to System and select the Sound options
    • You should see options for gaming headsets, computer speakers, and microphones. You may need to allow your applications to access the microphone on newer models.

STEP 2 Select your headset

  • Look for Choose a device for speaking or recording under Input
  • Select your headset.

STEP 3 Adjust your headset settings

  • Test your microphone by using the Start recording option.
    • Make sure you talk. You can see the bar moving with your voice above the Volume bar.
  • Increase your volume to make your microphone louder, or you can decrease it if you need to.
  • Repeat this step until the volume fits your preferences. Additionally, if you would rather just use a set of headphones, you can also get one of these top-rated mics for PC gaming.

Mac Gaming Method

STEP 1 Navigate to sound settings

  • Click the Apple logo in the upper right corner of the screen and select System Preferences
  • Select Sound and go to the Input tab.

STEP 2 Select your headset

  • You should see an option for your gaming headset if your headset has one and for the computer’s microphone.
  • You can see the Input volume and Input level in this tab.

STEP 3 Adjust your headset settings

  • If you talk or type, you may note that the input level adjusts as you do so, but the volume level stays the same.
    • You may also see an option to reduce ambient noise for your headphones with cables.
  • Adjust your microphone’s Input volume level to suit your needs.

Playstation Gaming Method

STEP 1 Navigate to sound settings

  • Go to the Settings menu.
    • On PS4, simply press and release the PlayStation button before scrolling to the second option from the right.
    • For PS5, press and hold the PlayStation button and move up before scrolling over to Settings
    • This menu can be accessed from the Games or Media tabs. For both PS4 and PS5, the rest of the process should be the same from here.
  • Scroll down to Audio Devices

STEP 2 Adjust the microphone level

  • Select Adjust Microphone Level
    • If this option remains dark, you do not have a connected microphone.
  • Speak into the microphone and adjust the noise level until you are comfortable with the sound.
    • If you are playing with others, you can ask whether you are the right volume for them. They most likely will answer honestly since they want to hear you as well as the quality game noise and each other.

Xbox Gaming Method

STEP 1 Navigate to sound settings

  • Press the Xbox button to pull up the main menu.
  • Scroll to Profile & system and select Settings.

STEP 2 Adjust the microphone level

  • Select Devices & Accessories, and then your headset; you should see your gaming headset noise information here.
  • Adjust the volume of the microphone while talking into it.
    • Make sure you accept the noise settings before leaving the menu.
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