The best games are the ones with lots of violence and sex. And because practically 99.9% of the games out there involve some type of violence or another, we’ve decided to focus on games that depict characters doing the nasty. We first explored the best sex scenes in a previous post and like it so much that we wanted to school you on more games that had interesting and lust-worthy sex scenes (ones you wish you were a part of in real life!). Warning: NSFW images in these videos and they might even turn you on!

Without further ado, here is our list of the sexiest video game sex scenes, part deux, with a special ranking at the end of the hottest video game vixens of all time!

6. Overlord II

Despite being a bit cheesy, this sex scene does feature a foursome, which is why it landed on the list. Sex with a buxom beauty is always good, but when you add more than one, it’s even better!

5. Far Cry 3

The good games have more than one sex scene…just like Far Cry 3! Here’s a nice compilation that some horn dog gamer did showing the best sex scenes of the game.

4. Alpha Protocol

Michael Thorton of Alpha Protocol seems to be a lucky man with the ladies since he’s always getting laid in the game. His primary mission seems to hop in bed with has many chicks as he can!

3. The Sims

Getting busy has never been easier…that is if you’re playing The Sims! This scene doesn’t show much, but the noises and the position sure lets you know that someone is getting some ass (even if it’s only your gaming persona).

2. The Witcher 2

The scene starts out with some blood action and slowly but then the scene goes to a waterfall where all the love-making action with Triss Merigold goes down.

1. GTA 5

Although it’s not as graphic as some of the other sex scenes, this GTA 5 one still shows some raunchy action outdoors. Skip to 2:00 minutes to see how two characters doing it getting caught by an onlooker, including some bedroom conversation.