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6 Free Weather Apps for the iPhone

Are you looking for a weather app for iPhone? Whether you just want to check on the temperature and forecast or want an in-depth look at rain levels, humidity, and more, here’s a collection of free weather apps you can download right now.

1. The Weather Channel App


The Weather Channel was long known for its detailed information on weather events, and has progressed smoothly into the app world with this iPhone weather app that gives you information on your local weather condition and temperatures complete with corresponding background photos. There’s also option for forecasts anywhere between the next hour and the next week, and social weather features for sharing weather data. Since this is the Weather Channel, the app also comes with unique features on storms and hurricanes, along with other detailed information.

You can download The Weather Channel app here


2. Swackett


Swackett is…different, and that’s part of its charm. It gathers weather data about your location and then displays basic information along with “peeps” who are wearing the appropriate dress for the weather outside. You can use the dress code as a cue or just a reminder about weather conditions. There’s also a collection of weather videos and animations that you access via a grid-like interface, which includes forecasts, radar maps, and more. It’s probably the best weather app for iPhone if you have kids who like to track the weather.

You can download Swackett here


3. Weather Underground


Weather Underground is much like a hipper version of The Weather Channel, with its 100,000-odd personal weather stations and a massive amount of data about outdoor conditions that you can dig through. But there are also plenty of customization options so you can look at just the info you want to see, along with widgets for forecasts, radar and much more. It ties in with Twitter if you just have to Tweet about the latest blizzard.

You can download Weather Underground here


4. Yahoo Weather


The Yahoo Weather app shows you the temperature, wind, air pressure, chance of precipitation, and much more. It uses some basic animated weather effects, but also allows you to search through its radar, satellite, and heat maps for more information. There’s an ongoing effort to update areas with real photos to serve as the background for your app. All in all, it’s a very solid weather app that gives you what you want and doesn’t give you data overload through its minimalistic presentation.

You can download Yahoo Weather here


5. AccuWeather


AccuWeather’s app makes use of its MinuteCast, which updates forecasts with any changes minute by minute, with as much localization as possible to give you a good idea what it’s like right outside your house. If you want to find out more information, you can just swipe for new screens featuring more data about your weather, including animated radar maps. The app can get as complex as you want through customization options, but you may be interested in spending a few dollars for the platinum version of the app if you want maximum information.

You can download AccuWeather here


6. Funny or Die Weather


It’s time for something different: A weather app by Funny or Die. Don’t worry, it still gives you plenty of information on weather conditions, temperature, forecasts for the week and more, but it does it with plenty of humor. Off the wall weather facts each day, snazzy and sometimes funny weather animations, and data on everything from the moon’s phase to tides are all present. If other weather apps bore you, this is one of the best weather apps for iPhone to keep you entertained.

You can download Funny or Die Weather here

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