10 of the Best Android Apps

best android apps

Let me preface this list with a little tidbit of information about myself: I’m ALWAYS looking for cool new Android apps for both my phone (a Droid Maxx) and my tablet (a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4). I love apps. Apps, apps, and more apps. There are literally thousands upon thousands of apps in the Google Play store, which is great, but can be daunting. What are the best Android apps currently available on the Android market? Here are 10 must-have Android apps for every device I own:

1. Plex

plex app

Plex is one of the my most used apps. For those that don’t know what Plex is, it’s a fantastically easy and nearly effortless way to organize media on your PC to be able to stream it wherever you are, whether you stream through any browser or through your Android device. You’re able to stream your music collection as well as your movie collection. Plex’s app is beautifully designed and adds rich descriptions, artwork and other metadata to your content. Basically, it makes your collection look like Netflix content.

Price: $1.99

Download Plex here.


2. Slickdeals

Slickdeals app

Slickdeals is one of my favorite websites to visit. In fact, before I buy ANYTHING online, I always check Slickdeals to see if there are any great deals going on. Slickdeals is a user-driven shopping experience that alerts you on the hottest deals, which comes extremely in handy especially during the holiday season. The Android app version of Slickdeals is well designed and well organized, and lightning quick when browsing for deals.

Price: Free

Download Slickdeals here.


3. Mobdro

android app store

Mobdro is an absolute necessity for cordcutting-Android owners. If you’re sick of the cable giants controlling your television consumption, check out the widely-unknown Mobdro app, which isn’t even available on the Google Play store. You’ll be able to stream tons of cable TV channels, sports channels, movies and shows. Although many aren’t in HD, it’s a great solution for when you’re away from home and want to watch something.

Price: Free

Download Mobdro here.


4. Reddit is fun golden platinum

reddit app

If you browse the Google Play store for a Reddit app, you’ll notice there are an overwhelming abundance of options. But, the best of the bunch is the reddit is fun app. It’s simple to use, lightning quick, and loaded with features.

Price: $1.99

Download reddit is fun golden platinum here.


5. Polaris Office

free apps for android

If you’re an on-the-go business type, and are looking to get some work done while traveling or away from the office, Polaris Office is the way to go. Not only can you create, edit and save Word documents, Powerpoint presentations and Excel spreadsheet files, but Polaris Office also now supports Chromecast so you can display office documents through your Google Chromecast device.

Price: Free (or $19.99 for the Premium)

Download Polaris Office here.


6. Teamviewer

Free apps for Android

If you’re away from home but want access to your Windows PC, download and setup Teamviewer. This app will give you access to your notebook or desktop remotely (or you can help out a friend who is having a computer issue). All you need a login and password for the computer you’re trying to access, and not only can you access files and folders, but you’ll also be able to completely control the remote computer with your Android device. Pro Tip: If you’re waiting for the Hearthstone Android game but have the desktop game installed, you can actually use Teamviewer to play Hearthstone on your Android device — it works that well!

Price: Free

Download Teamviewer here.


7. Untappd

untappd app

If you love a good beer, and love to learn about new brews and keep track of the ones you’ve tried and haven’t tried, Untappd is a great app to do just that. You can rate every single beer you taste, keep track of your beer consumption, and even share your drinks on social media. You can also make new beer buddies with similar tastes to discover new beer. As far as free Android apps go, this one is a fun one!

Price: Free

Download Untappd here.


8. TED

free android apps

If you want to be generally more knowledgeable and informed, check out TED’s official Android app, which presents talks and discussions from fascinating ideologists and experts in their own field. There are over 1700 interesting lecture videos and audio files for your viewing/listening pleasure, all dealing with a wide range of topics such as business, music and world news. Instead of wasting your time slicing fruit, listen to a TED lecture.

Price: Free

Download TED here.


9. Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

best apps for android

If you’re a guitar player, Ultimate Guitar’s app is one of the best apps for Android devices. This mobile version of the world’s largest online catalog of guitar tabs and chords has over 800,000 tabs with more being added daily. The app contains useful chord diagrams as well, and will give you offline access to favorite tabs, too. Also, for all you lefties out there, there’s a useful left-handed mode.

Price: $1.99

Download Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords here.


10. Fl Studio Mobile

best android apps

Take the easiest professional production software on the go with you with FL Studio Mobile from Image-Line. While it’s obviously not as useful as the desktop version of the software, there’s a lot you can still get done while on the go to import into your desktop version later. So if you’re tired of losing all of those brilliant song ideas you get when you’re away from your PC, whip out your Android device and get the track down immediately using FL Studio Mobile. Even if you don’t produce music, making drum tracks on-the-go is incredibly fun.

Price: $19.99

Download FL Studio Mobile here.

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  1. Hi.
    I have a MIMIX ANDROID TV’ top box it is great. I have many apps on it. I have MOBDRO. IT HAS ALL THE SKY SPORTS. is it legal to use it to stream.
    I have a bar can I legally use it on the tv’s in the bar to show sport to the customers.
    Thanks your help

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