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It doesn’t get any simpler than a traditional smartphone calendar, but the Peek Minimal Calendar App claims to have reinvented it. Designed with a minimal interface, Peek aims to add a human touch to the calendar experience. All about eliminating overwhelming features of mobile calendar, Peek is designed to be the right resolution for the context it’s being used it. The app is made to provide all the necessary info you need in an easy-to-understand manner so that you’re not overwhelmed with the data you don’t need for an on-the-go experience. Along with its fresh look that’s intuitive, the app offers a fluid, fast and fun way to look at your day.

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It also introduces new behaviors for interaction so to make the experience more delightful. Gestures include the app’s shading gesture (cup your hand over the top half of the screen) to see the time in a black layer over the calendar or shake the phone to see Peek’s life events. There’s also sound and vibration feedback with alarms integrated into the app. It’s currently 50% in the iTunes store for $0.99.

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