UPDATE: How to Download and Install GTA 5 For the Xbox 360 Without Leaving Your Home

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22 Comments to UPDATE: How to Download and Install GTA 5 For the Xbox 360 Without Leaving Your Home

  1. Wow! This blog lߋoks exactly likе my old օne! Іt’s on a totally
    different topic Ьut it has pretty mսch the same layout ɑnd design.
    Great choice of colors!

  2. A map of other potential GTA Online heist locations has been shared, which you can view here.

    Go to one of the areas in Los Santos with the tank that you can start a gang
    war in. It offers an entire guide and explanation that can help.

  3. i cant download the game on Xbox live…. and the stores dosn’t have the game….
    when are mircosoft going to release the F*****G game then!! im thinking about changing to PS3-4 because of all them delays microsoft have….

    sorry my english BTW..

  4. Kakariko_Cucco

    I would rather buy games on the Marketplace as to save money and grief from a breakable disk but i can’t help but notice how advanced GTA 5’s game is and be skeptical about it’s availability to the online Marketplace, as i know this may just be a silly thought by myself and other i can also point out that Battlefield 3 also does not have a base download on the marketplace, only Premium and other DLC add-ons
    but then again the game does use 2 separate disks.
    all we can do is hope GTA 5 does hit the Virtual Market.

    P.S. Grove Street for life!

  5. Leave it to the Internet to have useless and misleading information. I’m going to go get that beer you mentioned while I await it’s availability, then maybe I’ll have time to learn how to purchase a game on my Xbox. You don’t think my beer will get warm while I’m waiting, do you? Perhaps you could write an article for me on how to keep my beer cold while waiting?

    • gadgetreview

      Leave it to you to waste time leaving a comment about leaving it to the internet. Door man. Door man

  6. good way to get some traffic to your site : post a tutorial on something people ARE waiting and checking for availability on as if it already exists.

    well played.

    Especially because you posted this structured (and with such arrogance like ” you can select browse and do a visual search, but I’m not guiding you through that.”) like we’re all idiots and don’t know how to dl content on our systems.

    • gadgetreview

      Hey Adam,
      So we’re actually writing this because SOME people won’t know how, or don’t know how this is a viable option. Moreover, they may have no clue how to download content, so you’re comment is a sweeping generalization and one that you might want to rethink. That said, the title accurately represents what the article is about, and yes, like you we were anticipating that it would be ready and downloadable.

    • Jordan Goodson

      While attempting to get this info out as soon as possible, the piece was written based on familiarity with purchasing and downloading games. Check the updated edit for further info from Rockstar concerning Xbox download availability.

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