21 of the Best iPhone Apps of 2012

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21 Best App of 2012
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3 Comments to 21 of the Best iPhone Apps of 2012

  1. Bob Haskell

    Intonow is unbelievable! Great recommendation! My nephew told me about an program that allows you to access your computer from the iPhone, which is pretty useful. I showed my wife the shopping application, too. We’ll give it a spin at the mall this weekend.

  2. I already have some of these apps downloaded on my new iPhone, but I’ll definitely take your advice and download the others I have never heard of before. They sound like they would be perfect for me, so I’m excited to check them out! Since I’ve only had an iPhone for a little while I don’t have many apps on it yet, but the one I do enjoy the most is DISH Remote Access. One of the guys I work with at DISH got me a Sling Adapter some time ago, so since then I’ve been using the app to watch all of my shows from home, live or recorded, everywhere I go in the world. It is nice to have for entertainment purposes, but as a TV lover, I love the fact that even when I’m half way across the country on business I can still keep up with all of my favorite shows!

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