Final Cut Pro X Priced, Launches Today

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Final Cut Pro X
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2 Comments to Final Cut Pro X Priced, Launches Today

  1. This is a sad day in the Apple world. It is now completely apparent that Apple has sold out. Maybe it is this mania Apple is pushing through the iPad, iPhone and MacBook products to build up the App Store. FCP is not a App Store, application. This is a professional grade editing giant, which has changed the landscape of digital filmmaking. Creating a alternative to AVID led the way and made it possible for every university in america to offer digital editing courses and making it universally attainable through reasonable cost. I say reasonable cost because I believe in the reason for the $999 price-point for FCP 7. This made it reasonably priced for mid-sized media companies and a must-have for professionals because it was much cheaper and more user friendly than AVID, but it also kept the greenhorn editor off the grid until they earned their chops and could afford and justify their own copy. Why is Final Cut not getting the same protection and exclusivity as Adobe's products, Creative Suite, which is still running $1899 for the full suite, if Im not mistaken?? I JUST DONT GET WHY APPLE DOESNT VALUE FCP's TRUE CUSTOMER BASE!!! TO CREATE KNOCKOFF Lite or Express VERSIONS IS ONE THING BUT TO KNOCK THIER BEST PRODUCT DOWN TEN PEGS, BY CREATING A GLORIFIED iMOVIE AND CALLING IT FINAL CUT “PRO”, IS DISGUSTING!! I WISH I COULD EVEN USER A BIGGER FONT HERE TO EXPLAIN HOW THIS DISAPPOINTS AND ANGERS ME. THEY ARE GOING TO TURN OFF THIER ACTUAL & RELIABLE CUSTOMER BASE, THE INDUSTRY PROS..  WE ARE GOING TO FIND ANOTHER PRODUCT AND THAT WILL BE THE END OF FINAL CUT. APPLE NEEDS TO ACT QUICK AND RETRACT THE “PRO” TITLE, CALL IT EXPRESS OR WHAT IT REALLY IS, iMOVIE X, AND NEVER LOOK BACK. I KNOW APPLE DOES A BUNCH OF MARKET TESTING AND HOPEFULLY THIS IS A SHORT LIVED PLOY AND THEY DONT LOSE THE TRUST AND LOYALTY OF EDITORS AROUND THE WORLD. SO THE QUESTION IS, WILL FINAL CUT DIE WITH VERSION 7 OR WILL APPLE FIX THIS MESS !! 

  2. My enthusiasm is waning for FCPX by the second.
    Reviewers are calling it 'iMovie Pro'.
    Hold off on this one, FCP ans FCEx users, for the time being.


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