The iPhone is great, but there are a few things that just don’t seem to make sense.  One of those is the inability to send a number of photos at the same time to one recipient.  Better yet, if you wanna backup your snapshots you’ve gotta plug your iPhone into your computer and go through the cumbersome process of syncing it with iTunes.  That is until now.

CameraSync is a $1.99 app that runs in the background and instantly syncs your photos (and video) with Amazon’s S3 service, Flickr, FTP Server, or Dropbox service.  That means, assuming you leave Dropbox running in the background on your laptop, you’ll automatically have your latest photos available for mass distribution, editing or whatever you fancy.  The app works in conjunction with your iPhone’s camera roll and is also compatible with other photo applications, such as Hipstamatic.

Now keep in mind that the app has to be running in the background for it to work.  You’ll need to of course register for an account, but after that you’re golden.  Yes, it will upload full resolution photos and the app will remember what photos you delete so it doesn’t keep uploading the same one again and again.

CameraSync is available now from the app store.

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