Taking advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch capabilities, “Beautiful Modeler” is an app duo from Karl D.D. Willis that literally puts virtual modeling-clay into your hands.

But in order to work it, you need an additional Mac hooked up to the same Wi-Fi network. The Mac shows the model you’re working on, while the iPad only displays five dots, which are virtual hooking points for your fingertips.

Move your fingers and you push, pull and squish the virtual clay until you’re happy with the resulting model. The iPad’s accelerometers give you a degree of control on top of that, letting you turn and flip the model by turning the iPad itself.

When you’re done, the apps can output your object in Standard Template Library format, which can be passed on to a 3D printer. You can choose to output a negative of your object, which, when printed in 3D, will make a mold of your object for casting from more traditional materials.