WiFi Sync App For The iPhone, Waiting On Apple Approval (video)

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WiFi Sync App

WiFi Sync App

I loathe syncing my iPhone or iPad to my computer.  Just the other day I obtained some new music, synced up my iPad, plugged in my iPhone and found that my entire music collection had been unchecked requiring me to repick all of my fave artists.  Unfortunately, this app won’t solve that issue, or the slow sync times, but it will or could – it has yet to get approved in the app store – remove the need to physically plug either device into my computer.

The WiFi Sync app uses, yup, you guessed it, WiFi to perform a sync.  An application is installed on your computer and after the initial sync it’s just as simple as opening the app on the iPhone (or iPod) provided the program is running on your computer.

While it may not be practical from a music or media standpoint, it sure would be great for contacts and other little stuff, like adding a song or ten.  One does have to wonder about the sync times, but since the current sync times are slow as shit, what’s a few more minutes especially when your iPhone doesn’t have to be tethered to your computer during that process.

So will Apple approve this app?  Probably not.  This isn’t beyond their technical know how, and if you remember they’ve got a thing called MobileMe, which makes them $10 a month from each subscriber.  And they recently bought the music service LaLa, an acquisition that indicates that they’ll be moving media syncing to the cloud, though that doesn’t necessarily mean wireless syncing.

So right now the app is in the approval process and if we’re lucky will be officially available soon (fingers crossed).

Video demo after the ‘leap’

[via Techcrunch]

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