Those of you stupid enough to incriminate yourself – either with your significant other, your boss or the government – over email probably deserve to be caught, but just in case you don’t practice ‘better safe than sorry’, continue reading this post.  A small, albeit annoying bug in the iPhone 3.0 software allows deleted emails to be pulled up using the phone’s Spotlight search function.  In other words you can be safe, but you still might be caught.  I personally don’t see this as a glaring security flaw, but that hasn’t stopped Apple fanboys from stating so – I’d guess they live in fear of ‘big brother’ more than me.  Props to Matt Janssen for making the video.

Of note, there are a few caveats to this bug.  For one you have to know the subject line of the email to dig it up.  And two, you have to ‘crash’ the search on your first attempt and then try again to see the email.


Christen Costa

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