Rock Legend Air Guitar App

What’s the opposite of legend?  Whatever you deem an appropriate antonym, that’s exactly what Rock Legend is.  In an attempt to make a streamlined air guitar app, Rock Legend falls face first atop a pile of broken guitars.  Simply put, this app just doesn’t work that well.  I had a uniquely bad experience each time I fired up this app to give it a try.

We all know the basic motions when it comes to air guitar so I don’t have to explain that.  Each of the included 4 songs has a pre programmed chord progression that you “motion” into effect.  Sometimes it worked, most times it didn’t.  In the video below I actually get it to work!  It took me 4 video tries to get there though!  Trying to get this app to work sort of requires you to be familiar with the songs and their chord progressions in order to get the timing down.  If you don’t it doesn’t really matter anyway. 

With that said, the thing that doesn’t work the most is the timing of the riffs. The AC/DC riff “Highway to Hell” is one of the most instantly recognizable classic metal riffs.  Not here.  Even if you strum in time with how the riff should go, it’s late and it plays the same chords too many times before switching to the next chord.  There’d be times where a crowd applause noise would appear out of nowhere  and the two “stop pads” were completely unresponsive.  Ideally the stop pads are there to help you stop the chord from ringing out so you can air strum the next one, but from my experience they did not work whatsoever.

The guitar tone was the same for every song and the whammy effect sounded like some hobo trying to play a didjeridoo through a Harley muffler.  Plus the fact that you are gyrating the iPhone all over the place, the speaker can’t hang, adding to the overall lackluster quality of the sound.    Bad.  I honestly felt like such a tool even testing this thing in the comforts of my own house.

I have yet to try the other air guitar app but it has to be better than this!  More songs are on their way to the Rock Legend collection, but it’s not gonna matter when the app performs this poorly.  There’s only one review on the App Store so far and it’s one star.  Consider yourself warned!  Save your dollar.

Jeff B