Yost Vises 445 Utility Combination Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re stepping up from general use to specialization, then you need the best bench vise to do it all. It needs to have large anvil space, excellent clamp force, and integrated pipe grip. And it goes without saying: heavy duty durability. The only bench vise that fits that description is the Yost Vises 445 Utility Combination. So how does it stack up aganist other top-quality tools? Read on to find out more…

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Why We Like It – Yost Vises 445 Utility Combination

Variety is the spice of life, and Yost Tools provides multiple models of varying clamp-force and jaw sizes, but all include that signature high strength steel, large anvil and pipe grip.

  • Maximum clamp force of 7,650 lbs
  • Integrated pipe grip
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • Once installed, it’s permanent
  • Pricey

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Like the Wilton 11104 Bench 4 Inch Opening Vise, the Yost Vises Apprentice Series Utility Combination Pipe Vice is rocking a large anvil. It will give you ample work surface for various projects. More importantly, its swivel base works in 360-degrees, meaning you can strike in any direction you find most comfortable. And when you do, its incredible clamp force will keep your project in place. The 445 model has a maximum clamp force of 3,150 lbs, with several models after and a final version, the 480, that can provide 7,650 lbs of clamp force. The weakest model is still 5.25 times stronger than the Heavyduty Forged 360 Swivel Locking Desktop. That’s enough to handle light duty applications and then some.


The Yost Vises 445 Utility Combination isn’t lacking in durability either. It’s made of high strength steel, complemented by a vice with cast iron body and cast iron pipe jaws. Like most bench vises, turning the vise handle clockwise closes the jaws, while counterclockwise does the opposite. The cast iron pipe jaws have deep grooves for an enhanced grip, preventing your project from slipping through the teeth and onto the ground. Throat depth is 2.625-inches, half an inch larger than some entries on our list.


The Yost Vises 445 Utility Combination has a pricer upfront cost than the Irwin Tools Clamp Vise 226303—much higher. But you have to understand: this vise Yost has developed is bringing so much performance to the table. Its durability alone will ensure it lasts for several years, and if the top jaws get worn—no problem! They’re replaceable without buying an entirely new bench vise. Sure, you could go with a cheap bench vise, but it won’t provide that same performance the Yost 445 does. Would you rather buy one bench vise that lasts several years or a cheap one that lasts a few months?

Yost Vises 445 Utility Combination Wrap Up

When grip and performance is of utmost importance, with an emphasis on being able to work with pipes, the Yost Vises 445 Utility Combination is your best bet. With several models available, you’ll get to pick and choose which best serves your variety of projects, but all include that 360-degree swivel base and high strength durability. It comes at the cost of a higher upfront price tag, however.

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