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Simple and straightforward, the heavy duty Workshop Vacuum Cleaner is everything a workshop vacuum should be, which is why it’s the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner: large capacity, has a blower port, with wet vac capabilities. It has convenient features like a built-in pouch for carrying attachments, and large wheels for easier mobility.

Why We Like It – Workshop Vacuum Cleaner

With a 6.0 peak HP motor, large 14-gallon tank, and blower port, the Workshop Vacuum Cleaner is fitted with every feature you’d want in your workshop to keep it spotless.

  • Large capacity (14 gallons)
  • Has a blower port
  • Powerful motor offers great suction power
  • Uses dust bags


If you were wondering what kind of power the Workshop Vacuum Cleaner had, you’ll be pleased to know its peak horsepower reaches 6. For a shop vac, that’s a really healthy number, especially when you realize it can vacuum dry and wet, and also aim that performance through its blower port.

Speed & Efficiency

The Workshop Vacuum Cleaner can be relatively speedy with vacuuming, thanks to a 7 foot long hose. Part of its efficient nature is how quickly you can switch its various utility nozzles, just by grabbing them from the built-in bag and swapping them out as you go. And with a 20-foot power cord length, you get around.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

You wouldn’t expect it at first glance, but the Workshop Vacuum Cleaner really wants you to use it, considering it’s a 14-gallon shop vac. Having a 14-gallon wet dry vac at hand means you can clean and keep cleaning, especially with large workspaces. That blows the capacity of the Bissell Crosswave Cleaner out of the water.


Made of largely hard, thick plastic, the Workshop Vacuum Cleaner is still very durable and more than ready for heavy duty use, and plastic does add longevity to its plate. But if that isn’t enough for you, the WS1600SS has a stainless steel tank, jue like the Ridgid Vacuum Cleaner.


If you run a business, small or medium, the best wet dry shop vacuums are the Workshop Wet Dry Vacuums. Because these wet dry vacuums have so many convenient quality of life features, like the built-in pouch for the crevice tool (and more), and a long power cord, it’s an ideal companion to have on hand. For domestic use, the Hoover Elite Carpet Cleaner is better suited for the job.

Workshop Vacuum Cleaner Wrap Up

To pick up a Workshop Vacuum Cleaner is to pick up one of the best shop vacs for small and medium business, an ideal companion for commercial use. It has a huge 14-gallon tank, in addition to having a blower port. In other words: it does everything you need in a shop vac. It even has a built-in pouch for attachments.

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