Why are 4K Projectors So Expensive?

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Updated December 5, 2022

If you’re upgrading your current home theater setup, you probably want a higher resolution. Assuming you already own a 1080p model, you might wonder why are 4K projectors so expensive. There’s much more to the high price than just an increased resolution. The best projectors will have excellent brightness and wireless connectivity, and you should expect no less from a 4K projector.


  • 4K projectors offer the best image resolution so you can see the small details.
  • 4K projectors use laser LEDs for a dynamic range of bright whites and deep blacks.
  • A good 4K projector will cost between $2000 and $5000.

What Makes 4K Projectors Expensive?

We have an entire article on what a 4K projector is, but needless to say, they are packed with innovative features that justify their higher price range. That said, if you consider cheaper projectors for your home cinema experience, check out a traditional projector vs a mini projector. And then, see our roundup of the highly-rated mini projectors

But, read our BenQ TK850 projector review for a specific model that’s 4K ready.

Insider Tip

When using a 4K projector first, most users need to adjust their settings to get the best picture.


A great 4K projector, as seen in our comparison of Vava 4K vs LG HU85LA, uses laser LEDs, delivering amazing image quality. The increased resolution gives a noticeably improved viewing experience on a larger image. In addition, the color of your projector screen and screen size is critical for a great home cinema projector.


Most 4K projects have laser LEDs that produce a much brighter image than lesser units. A brilliant image is imperative to accurate colors in a dynamic range. A bright laser light projector, combined with a grey or white screen, maintains a rich color, even in dark scenes. To see an example, read our LG HU80KA 4K UHD review.


Most 4K projectors offer different audio inputs like Bluetooth, auxiliary jacks, and optical audio for dedicated home theater rooms with surround sound. That said, the built-in speakers on most projectors do not provide an immersive experience.


The setup for a 4K projector is identical to any other model. Most experts recommend installing a ceiling mount to hold the projector. You’ll need to dial in your settings to match your intended image size. This will ensure that everyone in your media room has a wider viewing angle for the 4K projector’s detailed image.

4K Projector vs a 1080p Projector

The picture quality of a 4K projector is its most significant advantage over any other type of projector. Even so, you’ll only notice minor changes at a typical viewing distance compared to 1080p models at a more affordable price. That said, if you want the best home theater projector, you want to go with the premium 4K option, even if you need to wait for a price drop.


Do not use your projector in a room with ambient light. It will significantly impact your image quality.


What are projector screens made of?

The best projector screens are vinyl or spandex, but manufacturers can make other rubber, plastic, or canvas models.

Where should you put your projector screen in your home theater?

Your projector screen should go on whichever wall in your media room with the least direct sunlight. Too much light will wash out your image, losing image quality and contrast.

Can I use a bedsheet as a projector screen?

While you can use a bedsheet for a projector screen, your image quality will suffer without a flat-screen. An authentic projection screen will give you a bright image and better color accuracy.

STAT: 70% say they are more likely to watch from their couch, while just 13% are more likely to watch at a local cinema (source)

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