SOG Super Bowie Knife Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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This is SOG’s brand new adaptation of its classic Bowie knife. It’s an incredible update that is very well made and probably looks more impressive than all of the best survival knives. This thing is a beast. If you’re interested in more recommendations, check out this list of survival knives.

Why We Like It – SOG Super Bowie Knife Review

The SOG Super Bowie Knife brings the wow factor to the fixed blade knife. With this large knife, you can do just about anything you need to in the woods and look super good doing it. It’s sharp, precise, and unbelievable fun to use.

  • Gorgeous blade and handle design
  • Great tapered thickness in the blade
  • Built for heavy use and large tasks
  • Questionable quality and design of leather sheath
  • May be too large for lighter, recreational use


This is one big, durable knife. The SOG Super Bowie is definitely a showpiece, but it backs up its looks with the power, strength, and durability you’d expect from a fixed blade knife. If you need a knife for heavy duty use in the wilderness, then this Bowie fixed blade will do the job, arguably even better than a knife like the Ka Bar Full Size U S Marine Corps Fighting Knife.

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This design update on the original Bowie knife truly makes the classic SOG Bowie a super SOG Bowie. First off, the blade’s hardcased black TiNi finish looks amazing. The TiNi blade is well made too — out of high quality stainless steel with a clip point shape.

The handle material is stacked leather that looks amazing and gives you a comfortable, secure grip. The leather handle really complements the black finish on the blade. The knife is secured in a black leather sheath that has a snap closure for easy access. SOG also includes a sharpening stone for easy sharpening on the go.

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How do you put a price on greatness? Well, SOG has and it’s a high one. A SOG Knife is an investment. If you’re looking for utility alone, then you may be better off with a Ka Bar and the like. If you want a knife large enough to do anything and looks amazing while doing it, then this is your blade.

SOG Super Bowie Knife Review Wrap Up

It’s no surprise why SOG coined this as its “super knife.” You’ll probably feel like Superman when you’re using it. If you want a very large knife that looks incredible, then this is probably your top option. You can get something that’s much cheaper and more portable (the Morakniv Bushcraft or Gerber LMF II), but what’s the fun in that? Go big or go home.

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