Organic Leather Laptop Case From J.Crew Ain’t Cheap

JCrewLaptop Bag

Priced at $285, these premium laptop cases are quite the sight as well as price to behold.  Constructed from 100% organic cotton and leather, the case comes in three color choices and is designed to nurture 15″ laptops.

The inside contains some leather pockets for additional accessories and gadgets.  There is no shoulder strap to be found, but this case is still quite the looker.  If you are feeling the holiday spirit and your financial adviser OK’s it, check it out!

[via GeekSugar]


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  1. @Diana

    It’s been a while since your post, but they don’t pretend that it’s all organic, they said it’s organic cotton and leather. There are natural dyes that can be used to preserve the organic status, and organic leather is tanned with vegitable oil as you can see on Natureally’s site:

  2. I didn’t know that cotton grew in bright red! How can tanned leather be certified as organic? And, say, where do you find an organic zipper and snap?

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