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It’s No Longer Illegal to Hack Your Wireless Router

FCC Router Hack
New language says it's "ok" to hack your wireless router.

It’s rare that a government agency will quickly amend or revert on its original position, but that’s what happened recently.

You see, a few months ago the FCC said that hacking a wifi router or even one of our best wireless router 2018 picks, by flashing it with open source software, would, in effect, be illegal.  In short, the ruling banned the use of firmware such as DD-WRT or Tomato which can greatly enhance the router and perhaps reduce some constraints put in place by the manufacturer.

But now the FCC has taken a step back and amended their original position, removing the language that prevented “flashing” or the installation of open source software.  That said, the FCC still forbids tweaks that take it out of compliance, such as increasing the router’s WiFi strength.


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